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Sunday, December 4, 2022

I am sure I have earned a seat in maize and blue heaven by getting up at 2 a.m. to watch Michigan v Purdue. I did this kind of thing by the time I was 7, having already learned “The Victors”, so why not do it at 83?

Any chance of Michigan romping by halftime so I could go back to bed were dashed. Halftime score Michigan 14 - Purdue 13. Okay 43 to 22 and back to bed at 6 a.m.. Go Blue!


How about them Wildcats. They beat previously undefeated TCU, the number 4 team in the country, 31 to 28 in overtime.


Not surprising, class was showing in the World Cup when the chips were down.

Argentina beat Australia, and Holland beat the United States. The Republicans have blamed Hunter Biden for the loss. McCarthy is calling for an immediate investigation saying inflation and immigration can wait while he gets to the bottom of the greatest scandal since Stormy Daniels left the convent.


Barbara made a very nice lunch yesterday, as we had our friend Francesca Joppolo visit before we all went to the concert. Francesca is a highly respected, now freelance, journalist. Previously she has written for major newspapers here in Italy.

The concert was truly outstanding. All Chopin and Schumann played by a brilliant 27-year-old multi-prize winner. I have posted the program. He played three encores, and even though it was raining, the concert hall was full.

Dinner was two plums and a popsicle because still not hungry after lunch. Had to go to bed early after calling Steven and Bobby so I could get up to watch the Michigan game as written above.


Today is our last brunch this trip at Four Seasons because the following Sunday we are headed to Paris where we will celebrate Barbara’s birthday. Generally, she loves anniversaries and does not like her birthday, but at this point, we are both so grateful for how we are doing overall that I think we would celebrate your great aunt Tillie’s visit from Romania to Poland.


Will probably, weather allowing, do some walking around after brunch. Most of the Christmas lights are up and most of the shops are staying open for Christmas shoppers. Italy is alive and well.


Trump has called for the termination of the Constitution to overturn the 2020 election and reinstate him to power. The man really is mad.

The question is, who is madder? Is it Trump himself or the many who still support him? Last I saw Trump is still the Republican’s choice to lead the ticket in 2024. This is a man who wants to throw out our Constitution and become a dictator.


Son Steven, recovering from replacement hip surgery, seemed to be doing better yesterday. Bobby is home from the hospital, but as far as I can tell he cannot tell how helpful the surgery was, if at all.


Thank you too so many of my readers who came to my defense concerning these posts.

Some days I have more to say than others, but the thing is, I learn as much or more from my readers as I expect they learn from me. Whatever my views on an issue, after I express them, inevitably the responses provide me new points or a perspective to which I should have given greater consideration.


One of the fascinating things about going to concerts in Italy and in spending several months a year in a sophisticated city such as Florence, is that you come to realize how multi dimensional so many Western Europeans are. Not only do multitudes speak many languages fluently, they are also highly educated in multiple disciplines. Yet they do not brag about their talents, and it is only when you take the time to talk to them that you discover these types of things.

Yesterday at the theatre, a nice couple, I would think in their early 30’s, started talking to Barbara at intermission. My Wife, rarely bashful about asking questions started asking questions, although not out of the blue. The other couple started talking to her because it is not common for Americans to attend these kinds of events. It turned out that the woman is in her 6th year of medical school and is about to become a gynecological surgeon. Her companion, was a graduate of medical school, did not like medical practice and became a graphic designer. Before medical school, he was a classical pianist.


Some days are better than others, but I am walking better each day. Still, when we go for a walk, I need binoculars to find Barbara because her walking pace is Olympian. My view comes from a line in a old George Burns song, “Old Bones”, where he sings “If I have to run, I simply won’t go”. That song, particularly the rendition he does from Nashville and is easily found on YouTube is one of our top ten favorites of all time. I cannot think of a time when I play it that Barbara does not ask me to play it again.


It is 11 a.m. here in Florence as I post this. Outside our window is a drum corps that set up and is playing loud enough that I thought I would look out and see a huge parade, but it was just three drummers.


Dolphins game today does not start until 10 p.m. for me, but should be a relative breeze. The following week, it is another 2 a.m. start time. We will be in Paris so not so sure I can watch that game. Barbara has six days of things she wants to do in three days.


Go Ukraine

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