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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Don’t pay the ransom, I have escaped. I could not post because our driver from the Miami Airport to our home misplaced the bag with my I Pad and lots of other valuables. It took me three hours but I was able to retrieve it.

I 95 was shut down going north to Boca so I was in a traffic jam for a long time. Why did not they bring the bag to me? They would have but we have to be at a grandson’s birthday party and all my pills were in the bag. I could not wait until their courier could arrive. The driver was an overall disaster. He was brand new and they sent him to Miami Airport which a tough gig for the most experienced driver. —————————— Watching the World Cup as writing this. ———————- Yesterday, I was up a long time. Was up before 5 a.m. in Florence, 11 p.m. in Florida, got home abot 7 p.m. here 1 a.m. in a Florence and then stayed up until after midnight, 6 a.m. for me watching the Dolphins lose a heartbreaker which was a very good game. ————————— I have very little to say. “It’s bad to be home” just does not sound right. Steven is recovering well from hip replacement, but Bobby is a disaster. He is still in the hospital and still in a lot of pain. —————————— Took off last weight from Paris plus a little, so going into holiday season in fighting shape. Barbara now weighs too little, at least in my opinion. —————————- France just made it 2 to 1 so no more. Then, before I could post this, they scored again..

See you tomorrow.

Go Ukraine

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