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Sunday, August 27, 2023

“I’m a 110 lbs and a virgin”; Stormy Daniels, when learning Trump listed his weight at 215lbs.

———————— “Work is work and fun is fun. It work were fun, they’d call it fun”. James Fox Miller.


And my funniest quip for today - the Miami Marlins. Not only can they not hit or score runs, they cannot even move the runner over to get him in scoring position. Right now, their play. is pathetic.

Yesterday , in the Club, they featured food from Colombia. It was not very good or healthy


Saturday, tired of the news, I turned on the Classic Country music station. I know hundreds of country music songs, maybe more, but there are thousands I do not know. There are many greats I think are phenomenal such as Williams, Cash, Nelson, Jennings, Kristofferson, Robbins, Arnold just to Anne a few.

Merle Haggard is a particular favorite of mine, and yesterday, with the music playing as I did other things, many times I heard an unfamiliar song and thought “hey, that is really good”. When I checked, so many times, the performer was Haggard. The more I learn, the better is Haggard.


The oldest of our five annual ballpark travelers is Lowell Sucherman. At 92, he is still sharp as a tack, still trying cases as well as any family law lawyer in the Bay Area, and still with the energy of someone decades younger. He wrote a poem about our last trip which started in Austin, and then went to Houston and Dallas for games. He is planning next year’s trip. Since it is the weekend, the courts are closed and the political drama. which has enveloped us should be on hold, I will share Lowell’s words.

In stadiums of green and skies so blue Lowell, Jimmy, Ed, Len and Cary, a crew. Together you ventured a journey so grand Baseball’s magic united hand in hand.

From ballpark to ballpark, you roamed with glee Cheering for home runs under the sun’s decree. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd. Memories etched in each cheer, clear and loud.

Lowell’s wisdom, Jimmy’s laughter so bright Ed’s enthusiasm, a radiant light. Len’s insights and Cary’s spirit of fire. Five kindred souls, a bond to admire.

May your adventures in stadiums past, Forever in friendship, a bond to last On fields of dreams, you left your mark, A journey of joy,embarked as a spark.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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