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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Whatever happened to unsalted peanuts at ballparks? They have not been available in the last about 20 stadiums I have visited. I did find them outside Fenway in Boston and outside Camden Yards in Baltimore. One might think that with so many people needing to limit their sodium intake, thar there would be a market for unsalted peanuts.

Is not this discussion more interesting than indictments?


Travel from Houston to Dallas was uneventful. I was actually able to walk into my seat. Two of the five, generally, need wheelchairs. I need one occasionally.


We had a car and driver from the time we landed until the end of the day. With five splitting the bill, it made sense.

The Dallas skyline is really nice. Our hotel, the Fairmont was very nice———much better than Marriott in Houston, but not even close to Four Seasons in Austin.

It was 109;even at 6:15 when we went to dinner. The baseball stadium was 74 and I think unique. Parts of it had six tiers. Half our group preferred the Houston ballpark, half the Dallas and one thought it a tie. Crowd close to 35,000. Raffle even bigger than Houston at $45,000. Stadium totally cashless except when buying raffle tickets.

Dinner last night at Al Biernat’s. It may have been the best single meal we have ever had on any of our trips. It is as good a steakhouse as the best in New York. Place seats about 200 and does three plus turns most nights. It really is terrific and I recommend it to anyone going to Dallas. They have many dishes for those who do not eat meat.

This was another great baseball trip. Now sure how many more we can have but our oldest member Lowell is 92 and he is already discussing what two ballparks we visit next summer. Other than Cary , the other three of us are in our 80’s.

By the way, every member of our group is married to their first Wife, Lowell 66, Len and Ed over 50 and I am married 63. Cary is odds on to hit 50 soon.

We are all still practicing and each of our group is still considered on top of his game. All 5 are still named in “Best Lawyers”. The more time we spend together, the we learn of some of the things accomplished that we never knew. Last night I learned Lowell was the emcee on the classical music station for three years when at Michigan. The night before I learned that both Len and his Wife were competitive tennis players and really good friends with Arthur Ashe.

Today we all return home to San Francisco, Tucson, St. Louis, Detroit and Hallandale.


Two tough losses yesterday for Marlins, both 3 to 1. Hard to win if score only one run.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan


Go Ukraine

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