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Sunday, August 14, 2022

I think all the living former Presidents should either separately or together make a statement castigating Trump for his actions and defending both Garland and the FBI.

Something also needs to be said about Republicans defending the defenseless. There is simply no way that what Trump did was not wrong for multiple reasons. Trump has long used up what deference is due a Former President. He must be treated the same as any other person who breaks the law. We. are not talking about jaywalking here. We are talking about clear violations of multiple Federal Statutes. Just think how the Republicans would react if Hilary or any Democrat were caught in the same circumstances.

Trump was served with a valid warrant. There was no “raid”. There was a raid in “The Dirty Dozen”. For some reason, Trump and his cast of characters remind me of Maggott, the role played by Telly Savalas. ———————— Are the strict anti-abortion States going to try to outlaw hysterectomies? If they do that, will they also try to outlaw vasectomies? I ask because the rationale for these outlandish laws is that whenever a man and a woman have sexual relations, the objective is to produce a child. Of course, few, if any, of these same people give a damn about the child after birth. None of this makes sense, but that is what happens when the basic premise is wrong ————————— Trump is calling the D.O.J. probe “a hoax”. Seriously, if I were suspected of treason or espionage and were innocent, I would certainly go about defending myself differently. And how about all the Republicans maintaining that all of this strengthens Trump’s candidacy for President. Just think what a shoo-in he would be if he gunned a bunch of school children. How about if he married his daughter? Actually that might help him in several rural places in the South. —————————— And how crazy is it that Texas Governor Abbott just ships a load of immigrants to New York? If so many crazier things were not happening, this story would be headlines. If this is how feuding Governors go about fighting, I can think of a few things New York could ship to Texas that would make Abbott’s move look like child’s play. How about emptying a few cell blocks at Sing Sing and just putting the prisoners on a bus? Of maybe just a few bus loads of Liberals. ———————————- Marlins lost two to the Braves. I have now watched the Mets multiple times and the Braves multiple times. I would not be surprised if the Braves are not stronger. Miss today’s game because of a funeral. ——————————— I never thought I would feel bad for Liz Cheney, but I do. She is about 30 points down so even if every Democrat in Wyoming switched parties and voted for her, it is not enough. I would love to have Biden find a place for her. ——————————- Think we will bring in our absentee ballot today. —————————— Daughter Beth and her family get back today from a week in Arizona. Son Steven went with me each night to the ball games. I spend much more time with my grown children than I did when they were growing up. Then, basically all I did was work, trying to build a law practice in a town where I just hung up a shingle in 1968. ———————————- Lots of things can happen between now and the election in November, and almost none of them can be good for the Republicans or what used to be called the Republicans. Consequently, I am not relying on polls taken now to be accurate in predicting what will happen in approximately three months. —————————— Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depended upon it.

P.S. This needs to be sent to Governor DeSantis.

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