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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Yesterday from mid morning until we left for the baseball game, we spent several hours with Bobby and Elaine working on the task of purchasing new patio furniture. It was actually fun working on a project with them. I met Bobby at Michigan in 1957, and over the course of many decades, we have done a lot of things together.


We then went to Beth and Walter’s and they drove us to the baseball game. It is not an easy drive and whenever I am spared the task, it saves a lot of wear and tear.

It was a great game. Alcantara pitched his heart out, going all nine innings and no faulty bullpen screwed him this time.

————————— Atlanta got 21 runs from 22 hits and humiliated the Mets. Looking at the box score, Braves may have necessarily pour it on,


Have you ever noticed that Donald Trump is always blaming someone else for his problems. Not only does he never ever say “it is my fault”, he maintains he is totally 100% blameless.

Most people think Trump will actually never go to jail. That would be wrong. He deserves to be in jail.


Would the Republicans really nominate Trump? My view is “yes”. There is no one else making any headway. It is scary listening to Trump’s supporters in Iowa. Many of them seem to have had frontal lobotomies.


Take a look at what is happening around the world and ask yourself “which Republican knows enough, or even anything about foreign policy that make you feel secure?” Who would you like to see dealing with the other leaders in the world?

I submit that there is not a single Republican running for President who commands any worldwide respect. Any respect demonstrated would be to the office of President and not the man or woman who is President.

What is going on in Hawaii is truly tragic I find it hard to watch this story unfold.


It will be interesting to see how Trump’s lawyers handle this mornings television shows. Everyone is entitled to legal counsel. However much Trump’s lawyers are being paid, it is not enough.


Wednesday I am going to Austin, Texas where I have never been. Looking forward to it. Then going to baseball games in Houston and Dallas and back home Sunday night.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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