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Sunday, August 1, 2023

I may have never written “I told you so”, but this time I think I am entitled to crow at least a little. For weeks, may be more, I have been writing that the only way to avoid a shutdown was for McCarthy to name a deal with the Democrats. In the House, more Democrats voted to avoid a shutdown, than Republicans.

All but nine Republican Senators voted in favor. Even Scott, and Rubio from Florida and Hawley voted in McCarthy keeps his gavel is a good question.

One very unhappy camper is Trump who badly wanted a shutdown. Whether the rift between McCarthy and Trump, which is inevitable, is another interesting question.

Aid for Ukraine was deleted, but will be taken up separately. There is a great deal of bipartisan support for Ukraine, so at least for now, I am not worried.

Word has it that MGT has her panties all tied in a knot. Who knows what Goetz will do. Now may be the time for Jeffries to sell McCarthy his gavel for dropping the impeachment proceedings.


The first Georgia Defendant has plead quilty. No jail time, but a fine, 200 hours of community service, and the big one—-he must tell the truth if called as a witness in other cases. I suspect several other Defendants who plead not guilty are reassessing their plea.


In the meantime, Senator Tuberville is continuing to cause havoc. The devastation on the military and their families is incalculable.


Michigan looked really good thrashing Nebraska on the road. I got to watch the entire game.


The Marlins are in the playoffs. Yeah! I seriously wanted to go to either Milwaukee or Philadelphia for the three games that begin Tuesday, but I have commitments here in Florida and I really cannot do it.


Going to daughter’s house today to watch Dolphin game.


Thank you Grandson’s Holden and Blake for all you did yesterday. They were both enormous help to by their Grandma and Grandpa. They each made a huge positive difference, and it is much appreciated.


One of the Republican poison pills, now eliminated, was to reduce the salary of the Secretary of Defense to $1.00. The Republican who suggested this was Marjorie Taylor Greene. This woman should not be in public office.


And something must be said about Trump’s mocking Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul, and his statement to General Miller deserves to be executed. Donald J Trump is a fucking lunatic and the people who support him must have had frontal lobotomies. Give me a break.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan


Go Ukraine

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