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Sunday, April 9, 2023

In case you missed it, Idaho is the first State to ban interstate travel for abortion. Truly a bunch of potato heads. Why would any thinking human being condone this?

There are less than 2 million people in the whole damn place. Maybe it should become a penal colony.


The only Supreme Court Justice to be successfully impeached was Samuel Chase in 1804. As much as millions know that Clarence Thomas should be off the Court, there is really no viable path to doing so.

I keep being asked to donate money to an impeachment effort. I cite as legal precedent for declining the landmark case of Seymour Piss v. Harry Wind.


Tampa Bay Rays are 8-0. Record number of wins Milwaukee Brewers in 1987 who started 13-0. Team did not make the playoffs.


My friend and regular reader John Ellis sent me a funny joke that would be totally inappropriate to use in a post. His joke reminded me of an okay story only slightly inappropriate. The way to determine if a restaurant is only average, above average or outstanding is to see what the maître d does if a woman’s breast inadvertently falls out of her too low cut dress.

In an average restaurant, the maître d just ignores the incident completely to allow the woman to place her breast back in her dress herself. In a restaurant above average, the maître d surreptitiously assists in replacing the breast with his or her hands. In an outstanding restaurant, the breast is relaxed with the use of two warm spoons.


The galley lunch yesterday was very good as usual. Our entire trivial pursuit team, with spouses, including what‘s her name, oh Barbara, attended.

Actually got to the real gym again, not the bathroom I renamed “gym” and did fine. I never know until I get on the treadmill how I will do.

Phoebe’s party celebrating the 6th anniversary was very nice. After the party we had dinner at Keller’s with friends. Had the Velvet Glove Shiraz we bought in Adelaide and it was outstanding.

All in all, we had a very nice day at sea. The seven days in a row at sea that Barbara was dreading have now come and gone and we had a really great time.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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