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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Although we docked in Walvis Bay about noon yesterday, we stayed on the ship until 5 p.m. until we left for a party to which we were invited. Our hosts were, and this may not be entirely accurate, one or more travel agents who have a number of passengers on the entire world cruise.

All in all it was a quiet Sunday. I am still trying to get the weight off which I gained on the two safaris we went on. Today we go on a tour of Walvis Bay. I know nothing about the details as the arrangements were made by another couple. Then, we have five straight sea days which is more than fine with me, and, as long as the internet works, fine with Barbara.


I thought Biden was quite good at the Press Correspondent’s dinner. I loved Roy Wood Jr.

I found it surprising that Fox News broadcast most everything ————————-

Know next to nothing about the NFL Draft so I will say nothing. I am not a big Aaron Rogers fan because I think he is a spoiled brat. Nonetheless he will make the dog assed Jets much better and will be a huge headache for the Dolphins who already have enough.


All of the forgoing I drafted before we left the ship at 5 p.m. It is now about 10:30 p.m. Sunday night and we have just returned from an amazing evening that came as a complete surprise. 25 guests, customer of Signature Travel Group went an hour and a half into the dessert to see the dunes, a great sunset and have a very nice dinner outside in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It was truly a magical experience and I did very well walking.

I must say that it is hard to keep track of the unbelievable experiences we have had on this trip. They have truly unique and very pleasant surprises. ———————

I have no idea what happened in the world while we were gone. I see the Marlins beat the Cubs again which is great but now we play Atlanta again and they just seem to have our number.


I can understand the disillusionment with respect to our Judiciary. I have a lot more trouble understanding why the medical profession, including the FDA, seems to no longer have the respect it once had.

I never recall politicians and judges saying they no more about medical and drug issues than the experts. These 6 week abortion bans are absurd. One does not have to be a doctor to know that there in no one size fits all when it comes to a woman even knowing if she is pregnant.

And I go back to the very basic concept of CHOICE. What a great word. If one does not believe in abortion, no one is forcing that person to have one. Seems simple to me. I recognize there are those who think every abortion constitutes murder, but there are those who think the earth is not round or that the moon is made of green cheese.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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