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Sunday, April 24, 2022

If someone asks to be my friend on Facebook, I say “agree” if I know the person and they are not Trumpers. If I do not know them, I usually still agree if they follow me, or if they are friends with my Wife or someone else I know, or if I see something about them that piques my interest.

I am not interested in becoming friends with beautiful young woman who are single, and whose major interest is men or obtaining a green card. Although I am not anti-religion and believe in God, I see no downside to not believing in God, I decline being friends with people who want to convert me and have me pray with them. I try to stay away from extremists of all kinds, and, of course, anyone who is unvaccinated.

I understand the limit to the number of friends one can have is 5000. I have a little over 4400. If I see no reason to agree to be Facebook friends, I decline. If I agree, what I will not do is respond to someone who, once I agree, writes back immediately something like “How are you doing?” I have no time or inclination to start some inane dialogue. If I am asked a meaningful question and think I have a meaningful answer, I will respond.

There is, however, always room in my life to make new friends. In fact, mostly through the work my Wife Barbara has done for FTX and her nephew Sam Bankman-Fried, I have.met a number of people I would love to have as friends —-go to a ballgame with, or just spend time together. ———————————— Marlins finally scored some runs and beat Atlanta on the road 9 to 7. ———————- Looks like this year’s baseball trip with Ed Snyder, Lowell Sucherman, Cary Mogerman, and Ed Gold will be to Chicago to see the Cubs and Marlins and Kansas City where the Red Sox play. This is a group of big baseball fans who try to go to two different ballparks each year. However, Covid prevented our going for awhile so I am looking forward to this adventure. ————————- Saturday was a really relaxing day with the Wheatleys. We let Barbara catch up with her work for the most part. We are also letting her off the hook for brunch today because she actually did eat in Ferrara.

Mike, Jalayne and I first spent considerable time in the Central Market. I took them to my cheese lady and to the place where I think they sell the best quality prosciuttos, both sweet and salty, salamis, hams and so forth. It ain’t cheap and it breaks my heart that I cannot eat much of it due to sodium restrictions, but it is great to serve to company.

We then went back to the leather store. Marco provided us drinks, and Jalayne was able to get a jacket for a friend and a few things for herself. She asked “Do I need another x?” I said that I thought none of us needed anything and that if we never bought another thing to wear, we would have enough for maybe only the next fifty years. That would take me to over 140. The question is “Do you want x?”. And, if you do, then get it. ———————————- We then went to the grocery store, bought some eggs, Tuscan bread, which has no salt, and three liters of fresh squeezed orange juice. I think the machine never put out so much in five minutes, and, at one point, the oranges stopped moving and Jalayne used her resourcefulness to get the machine functioning again. We also found the 40-calorie frozen fruit bars, which I eat for a snack once or twice a day. They sell out regularly, and I was about to panic since I only had two left.

Walked about 8000 steps better and faster than I have walked in more than a year. I am very encouraged with the progress I am now making. —————————- We really did not eat much lunch, just a snack at home and dinner, which was really leftovers from all our recent eating adventures. We just sat around, talked, and listened to music: Sinatra, Ella and Nat King Cole. Great music and very relaxing. ——————————- I wrote a nice thank-you note to Maria Cristina and her Husband Giovanni for the great lunch we had at their home on Thursday outside Ferrara. I received back a nicer note thanking us for returning and for allowing us to share their recipes as they thought best without saying “we don’t eat this or want that”. We hope to go again in November or December. ——————————— I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again. I never want to hear “this is our last cruise," or our last reunion, trip to Vegas, Thanksgiving dinner, baseball trip, or fraternity reunion. It may well be the last but I do not want to know it is. I want to continue enjoying what I enjoy as long as I can and when it is over, no one has to mourn it is over, they can celebrate that it happened. ————————-+ I am really happy our Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are going to Ukraine today. Better late than never.

Go Ukraine.

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