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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday we travelled from Johannesburg to the Chobe Game Lodge where we will spend three nights. Had some difficulty walking maybe because the altitude was about 6000 feet. Flight went smoothly. Lodge is some fancy place.

A very nice lunch awaited us. It was so good that my hunch is dinner is but a dream. I started writing this at 5:30 p.m. so will probably know for sure before I post this.

It was 99 when we arrived so I passed on a boat trip. Barbara went at my insistence. As I am writing this I hope I will be able to access Ed Snyder’s memorial ceremony but cannot be sure. Once again my Firm denied me access to emails even though I furnished IT my full itinerary at least once but I think twice.

There are 19 people from our ship on our safari. Other passengers took different safaris, some shorter, some longer. I knew, at least casually everyone staying at the same lodge as us. So far everyone has been very congenial and kind. This is no one in our groups first safari. We just slipped in as our first one was just a week ago. However, our guide in Tasmania, Walter, taught us so much that I feel my knowledge of the animals is as good or better than many on this trip. Hope I am much stronger today because we will be doing and seeing a lot beginning at 6 a.m..


Saw the Marlins won a doubleheader on the road against Cleveland. Wow. By the way, they are still the Indians to me, and, although I am a huge proponent of most every liberal cause, changing the names of teams was, frankly, about 10,000th on my list of needed reform.


I was not at my best yesterday, but I did refrain, when seeing several baboons cross the road, from pointing out which baboon was Thomas and which was Alito.


I was right. Dinner in our cabin, but it was a truly great dinner. This is some fancy place.

Took an another almost two hours, but I had my ability to receive and send email restored.

Have to acknowledge that, while I was struggling pretty badly yesterday, Barbara took extraordinarily good care of me. I think the day was about as exhausting for her as it was for me. She is the absolutely best Wife anyone on earth could have.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

Go Ukraine

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