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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Saturday was a very good day. Although we did not have time to take the long walk uphill in both ways in the snow, we did manage to take a long walk ending up at our favorite little coffee shop across town. All in all, I had over 9300 steps which I did without a problem, so it looks like I am back to being a real mobile person.

I also just had cereal and fruit for breakfast, no lunch, a salad with chicken in it for dinner, and lost the weight I gained Friday plus almost another pound. Since arriving in Italy I have lost just under 14 pounds. Yeah, for Jimmy.


At 4 p.m., we heard an excellent solo pianist, Pierre-Laurent Aimard. I posted the program, which was mostly Mozart. As I mentioned, the pianist played each half of the program without applause between pieces. I am sure that has happened before, but never when I was in the audience.

Teatro Pergola, one of the most beautiful in Europe, is less than a ten minute crawl from our apartment. The Foundation which I founded and am President of either is the, or one of the, major benefactors of these concerts. It is nice to see the name American Friends of Florence Music on each program.

I am happy to receive tax-deductible donations from anyone wishing to support a worthwhile cause, at least worthwhile for lovers of the arts. Florence is where opera started. The music is incredible and world-renowned artists often substantially cut their appearance fees to perform in Florence, where the audiences are among the most sophisticated in the world.


The Marlins won on the road. That is a big win for a team notorious for its slow starts.


Yesterday was the birthday of two of our grandchildren: Blake 15 and Kasey 13. These are daughter Beth’s and Walter’s children. Barbara and I really like, as well as love, all seven of our grandchildren. As I often say, they are my reward for letting my children live. We get along so well because we have a common enemy. I think a good argument can be made that grandchildren should come first.


We are having Passover at our apartment Friday night. Just us, Stefano and Luca, Gabriella and Gianni, and Robin Boies. Barbara and I are the only attendees who are Jewish.

Thursday I have my first of two implants inserted, I think. Not sure of exactly how it will work.

Wednesday Gianni will take us to a big Esselunga store so Barbara can prepare for Passover and our first guests who arrive on the 19th. Esselunga is a huge grocery store which also sells good wines at the best prices in town. Veuve Cliquot, for example, was euros 22. In most other places, it is about double or more that price. By the way, the price in Florida is around $40. With the euro now at $1.09, I will be paying under $24 a bottle. Not all French champagnes are that kind of bargain. I have never been able to figure out why this chain sells this one wine so inexpensively, but who cares?


I am not going to tell you that Chris Rock will not talk about being hit by Will Smith until he is paid to do so. I am accepting contributions to pay Rock to keep quiet.

It may be a toss up between Smith and Rock and the Beckham/Peltz wedding for the stories I care least about and wish would go away. I am even willing to trade those stories to read about mock drafts which heretofore I considered the biggest waste of time along with anything about the Kardashians.

Oh, j almost forgot not to tell say that Jennifer López and Ben Affleck are engaged again. This will be, I think, marriage four for her.

There is just so much not to give a shit about.


Looking forward to brunch today at Four Seasons, particularly since I know I will not have to struggle walking there. Today, Barbara and I just go alone. I love having guests but I love even more just having my Wife. Can’t help it, even after 61 plus years being married. That is not to say Barbara cannot be a royal pain in the ass, but adding up the columns, I like her the best.


Putin has appointed a new commander for his war against Ukraine. Wonder if Putin first ran the decision by Tucker Carlson. How that man can be kept on any television station is beyond ridiculous.


Go Ukraine

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