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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Happy New Year to all who celebrate. ————————— Still struggling, still sleeping in chair, but can now put on my own shoes and socks. Yeah Jimmy! ————————— Because we stayed home last night, I got to watch the Marlins game. They beat the Braves for only the second time this whole season. First,they blew a 4 to 0 lead, fell behind 6 to 4, and then, got 5 runs in the 7th to win 9 to 6. —————————- Dealing with Comcast is a really painful experience. We needed parts to finish setting up our new internet. These parts could only be bought through Comcast. It took three people about four hours over two days before we could get this done. Just trying to talk to a live person is almost impossible. —————————— The workman at our house, for the most part, showed no respect for our property. They treated our yard like a garbage dump, trampled our shrubbery, broke our lights, and otherwise tried to get away with doing the least they could do for the most money they could get. Every little thing is an extra and they try to get more than top dollar for what is, at best, mediocre work. When the very capable man who is overseeing the project, showed the painter flaws in his work, he was told “we do not have time” to do it the right way. There have been a few really good people who did first class work, right on time, and at the original price agreed upon. There have also been a few who are kind, treat us with and our property with respect, and demonstrate that there at least a few decent and capable people out there. ——————————— Thank you Suzanne for the wonderful note. You made my day. ————————- I wish Judge Chutkin wouldruleon the motion for recusal and on the gag order being sought. She is so highly respect that, whatever her rulings, they are unlikely to be overturned on appeal. —————————— My Wife and I agree on all really important things. Further, we have a way of resolving issues on which we disagree, by assessing just how strongly one of us cares. After knowing each other over 65 years, there is very little, if anything, we do not know about one another. Barbara still has the energy of someone decades younger. Yesterday she spent hours and hours cooking for the holidays. She wants to invite people I do not want her to invite. Why? Because, I think these people really do not care about us. I admit to being over sensitive, but I know what I expect and when those expectations are not met, I no longer care to go out of my way for them. Life, at this point is a two way street for me. For Barbara, she says I want to do it because it is the right thing to do. I, on the other hand, do not want to host people who have repeatedly demonstrated they could not care less about me or us. ——————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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