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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Judge Cannon is in the tank. There is no way the government will convict Trump if she is the judge. Besides, being bought and sold, she is not experienced enough to try this case. The government needs to try to get rid of of her. Maybe she goes, maybe she does not, but try.

Now, couple the forgoing with this new revelation of Trump’s sharing highly classified secrets about our submarines with an Australian businessman. The pundits are saying “if we did that, we would already be in jail”. Well why not Trump? Forget Cannon, start a new action, and go arrest Trump NOW. Bifurcate the submarine issue from everything else and go get him.


Marlins has lost Alcantara for all of next year. He has had Tommy John surgery. That changes things considerably.


Lunch at Runway 84 was great fun. Company was great and food both delicious and enormous. It is my kind of place. No fou fou food where I am looking for a kielbasa stand right after eating.


Trump won an appeals court postponement of a ruling temporarily halting the cancellation of Trump’s business certificates, however, the appellate court declined to suspend the trial proceedings so trial will continue.


We had a great jobs report. Still polls favor the way Trump handles the economy. That makes no sense, but I blame the Democrats for total ineptness in publicizing their success. Their public relations stinks.


Today I will help my wife at her phone bank. I have made sangria and furnishing lunch for everyone with subs from the Sub Center. Their food is quite good. They are located on Hollywood Boulevard just east of 441 on north side.


Jeffries has given the Republicans a way out. Time will tell if they are smart enough to accept his wisdom.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Gio Ukraine

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