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Saturday, October 29, 2022

The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis, died Friday at age 87. To say he lead a checkered life is a gross understatement, but he was one helluva talent. I saw him only once in person, but loved so many things he did on stage. Lewis was really one of a kind.


The Democrats in Broward County are going to get walloped. They have not done what needs to be done to get out the vote, which is a ground game. That means literally knocking on doors, making calls and otherwise meeting voters face to face. Spending a fortune in the media does not get the job done.

Ask yourselves this question. Why are people allegedly experiences in running major campaigns not following a winning formula? Might it be that they do not make money doing things that way? They make money buying television spots etc. Follow the money and you generally find the answer.


One of the best songs in The Great American Songbook, particularly when the verse is included, is”More Than You Know”. I was terrible playing the piano, but this is actually one song I insisted my teacher teach me to play. Anyway, that is besides the point.

Last night driving home from another great dinner at New York Prime, I was very focused because I was driving, and I listened to Sinatra sing this song. I have heard him sing it countless times and I know every word of the song.

However, I have never, before last night, tried to sing along and I really could not. Frank’s breath control and phrasing are really untouchable. I was running out of breath every ten. seconds. They say Sinatra learned how to breathe principally by watching Tommy Dorsey breathe while playing his trombone. Dorsey had a little trick that allowed him to phrase more seamlessly than any other player. Sinatra also trained his breathing in the swimming pool.

Get the words, play the recording, and try to sing along—-impossible.


Here is my new game plan for Charlie Crist to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Have Donald Trump, who is feuding with DeSantis, endorse Crist. The Republicans will get so mixed up, they will not vote. If Trump is really serious about burying DeSantis, that is the way to do it. Trump is mad that DeSantis will not agree not to run in 2024 if Trump does. Trump went out to bury all those he deemed disloyal so let him bury DeSantis.


What can one conclude about the beating taken by Nancy Pelosi’s Husband? We are becoming a more lawless society with each passing day. Have you heard any elected Republicans express the least bit of concern? I have not. In fact, some Republicans are trying to blame the attack on the Democrats.


Pesky Phillies recover from 5 to 0 deficit to steal game 1 from Astros in Houston. Realmuto’s home run in top of the 10th won it for severely underdog Philadelphia.


Go Blue!


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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