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Saturday, October 28, 2023

The Maine. Killer is dead. The new Speaker is not in favor of expelling Santos but a motion has been made to do so, a way around the Turberville blockade is being worked on (finally); Romney called Trump a “wacko”, the Texas Rangers came from behind to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, Michigan does not play today, ivanka Trump has to testify in New York fraud case, no indication we will avoid a government shutdown, was too tired to eat dinner last night even though sat around all day, Bobby and Mike are doing better, Gabriella-is not and could not get a report about Gene, hard to figure out what is happening in Gaza, Kelce and Swift allegedly getting serious, Phillips is wasting everyone’s time, Chutkan has asked Trump how he feels about his trial being televised, the special prosecutor opposes it but do not know the reason, disappointed with Michael Cohen (yes he lied but he lied to protect Trump and his family and cannot understand why he just does not say that) Looking forward to concert today, brunch tomorrow, sports bar tomorrow night hoping they show Dolphin game and Frankfurt next weekend, saw a great cruise Miami to Miami 154 days in 2026 but non refundable deposits are out of the question (Ship is Regent’s Seven Seas Mariner), our new outdoor bar arrived yesterday all assembled as promised. That is what I have to say today in a nutshell.


Our CD changer is being repaired, but Alexa provided a great two plus hour concert yesterday with a simple “Alexa, play Frank Sinatra”. Got to hear a lot of blue eyes, but also Ella, Satchmo, Cole and Martin

I also saw a great documentary on YouTube about music in Memphis, and more particularly Elvis, Cash, Perkins, Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis my personal favorite. The man was beyond fabulous.


Barbara is taking very good care of me and the Nurse Ratched component seems to be mellowing a bit.


Tomorrow is Grandson Jaden Fox Miller’s 21st birthday. I told him I was married at 21 and asked when I would meet his bride.


Does anyone have any influential connections at Regent Cruise Line?


I would fire sport’s analyst Seth Walder who works at ESPN. He rates Tyreek Hill 32nd among all NFL receivers. What is this man sniffing ? I don’t want what he has.


As I finish this post, I am listening to Louis Armstrong play and sing “When You’re Smiling”. I rank it one of his very best recordings. I have probably listened to it hundreds of times since I was ten or less. The man was a damn genius.. There have been and are many great trumpet players, but there is no one that can touch Satchmo.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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