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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Ken Chesebro has now joined Sidney Powell in pleading guilty. From what I can determine, he made a slightly better deal than Powell, but this is a guy who said “absolutely no deal”. This cannot bode well for Trump because both plea deal require the Defendants to testify in future proceedings.

As of now, no trials of other defendants are set. I think that, as time goes in, command of the cases dissipates so it is in the prosecutions interest not to dawdle.

Trump’s lawyers, taking a play right out of the Trump playbook, never to admit things are not great, spun these pleas as being positive for their case. I have a bridge for anyone who buys this theory..


And Trump is, of course, got his hands all over the issue of who becomes Speaker. He does it like of course, Trump is the first former President to ever get involved in this issue. Why? Because he still thinks he is President. The man is insane


Judge Chutkan has entered a temporary freeze order on the limited gag order she entered in order to allow Trump to pursuit his appeal. I do not like that decision, but I understand the judge’s reasons. Trump should not prevail. Do you think any other litigant. would be treated this way? I do not,


Jim Jordan appears to be finally beaten in his quest to be Speaker. My idea to bring in Romney is dead because he has announced that there is no room for him in today’s Republican Party.

I wonders if Jeffries could find someone like Kinzinger that the Democrats can unanimously back. Then, find just a handful of moderate Republicans willing to break the impasse and get the government working again I can make a reasonable argument that the present situation is worse than a normal catastrophic government shutdown. Right now, we do not even have a government to shutdown. As daughter Beth sometimes writes “we have a little situation here”. That translates to a major shitstorm.


I did not see the game, but the Astros are doing it again. It looked like this could be the Rangers’ year,m but losing three in a row at home is horrific.

Just when I was about to conclude the Phillies were unbeatable, the proved they were not. Arizona, amazingly, evened the series with three runs in the 8th inning. I never thought they had a chance.


If I want to watch Michigan play Michigan State on my IPad, the game starts at 1:30 am. The stars are aligned against me this weekend as both my pro team and college team play at night.


I had thought the Dolphin v Eagles game was at 1 pm which is 7 pm in Italy. We booked a sports bar to watch the game when learned time it started was abut 2 am in Florence. Very disappointing.

There is so much shit going on in our Country, Israel and other places that, in my heart of hearts, I figure the least that can go well lies in the sports world. Of course, in the scheme of things, football and baseball etc is totally meaningless.


Going to lunch today at Gratella with Stefano and Luca. No Barbara, but Sunday the four of us will go to brunch at Four Seasons. Never had a better brunch anywhere in the world.


Hope my legs hold up today as will be trying to walk both to lunch and then to concert. Haven’t yet tried Uber in Florence and I know walking is much better for me. However, Barbara, who is ready for the Olympics, is much more willing for me to suffer major discomfort than I am. This “no pain, no gain” can be overrated.


Who makes a deal next in Georgia and who is likely never to make a deal other than Trump? Meadows and Giuliani are the biggest names. Giuliani, who is broke is more likely to throw in the towel than Meadows. Not sure why Eastman and other lawyers are still around. It makes even less sense for the other small fry not to plead out before they go broke and the terms get less attractive.

It is not impossible that there be one trial with just a handful of defendants. In fact, I would not bet much that only Trump ultimately goes to trial. As I said yesterday, “stay tuned”.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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