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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Daughter Beth, her Husband Walter and their children, Blake and Kasey, two of our seven grandchildren, arrived yesterday, in a sense without incident. Their plane arrived in Rome almost an hour and a half early and their car to bring them to Florence was not there to meet them. Then, the driver was further delayed because of the red tape he faced obtaining the proper credentials to enter the airport. The good news is that between all the texts and telephone calls to me, I determined I could skip my next stress test.

Anyway, the finally arrived. We all went out to an early dinner; all that is except Barbara, who I have mentioned has existed the word “dinner” from her dictionary.

I am assuming my sister and her Husband traveled safely back to Florida because I have heard nothing to the contrary. We enjoyed their visit —————————- We are planning to go to Paris/Versailles for three nights with our friend Stefano. His partner Luca does not come. Stef knows a great deal about art, museums etc and Barbara loves all this kind of thing. There was no way I could deny her the experience.

Finding a hotel in Paris that does not force one to float a bond issue is another matter. The prices are just out of sight. When I heard them, I repeated a great line from David,Boies who usually leaves the humor to me. I was checking out hotel accommodations and was quoted almost $3000 a night. I asked David if he was interested in spending that much and he replied “only on a first date”.

Do not think we spend that kind of money. When we make our pilgrimages to Vegas, the casino comps these large suites for us in return for our risking a great deal of money at the crap table. We were looking into the possibility of just paying our own expenses, not being comped, and not being obligated to bet a lot. When I asked our casino host how much our normal accommodation would cost us if we paid ourselves, he gave me a number that amounted to about 70% of what I earned annually my first year as a lawyer.

Anyway, even American Express packages were obscenely expensive. I finally just got on the phone and started talking to reservation managers until I found something that precluded my filing bankruptcy. ——————————— I am diligently doing my exercise program everyday and it is making a huge difference. Last night the walk to the restaurant was about 30 minutes each way and I made it without a problem. No one suggested I tryout for the Olympics. Several toddlers passed me, but I made it. ——————————— During his or her career, every trial lawyer has some memorable moments in the courtroom (as well, of course, as some very forgettable). One of my memorable ones was when a judge, after hearing my opponent’s closing argument and mine, looked up and said “I adopt Mr. Miller’s closing as my decision”.

Yesterday, the big news was that Attorney General Garland appointed Special Counsel to oversee the investigation of Trump’s handling of classified documents and Trump’s role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

I am going to share simultaneously with this post something written by my friend and colleague John Ellis. My initial reaction when I read his views was that I adopt them as my own The only reason I am not doing so whole heartedly is that Trump and his hoodlum friends are screaming like banshees at what Garland did. His gang is even calling for Garland’s impeachment.

This means to me that, if Trump is so upset, there has to be merit in what Garland did. I think John is right. Garland wants to avoid even the appearance of an impropriety. The other argument in favor of Garland’s appointment of Special Counsel is that this Counsel can only be removed for misconduct. Garland’s move insulates the investigations from the Republican wackos now in control of the House. ——————————- I do not understand why Boebert’s opponent conceded just before there was about to be a recount Hell, that dingbat Lake in Arizona will never concede. —————————— We go to a concert again today at 4 p.m. Only Grandson Blake chose to accompany us. ————————— Before the concert I will take everyone to Sabani, my leather shop, and finally see my friend Marco. —————————— Go Ukraine

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