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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Arrived safely, on time, and without a mishap in Florence. Four of our five bags were among the first ten to come out and we waited less than another 25 bags for the last one.

We found our apartment in good order. Due to Barbara’s obsessive compulsiveness, she is almost completely unpacked. I was actually of more help than usual because my energy level is much higher than it has been for probably two or three years.

I did get to the store which has the machine which makes fresh orange juice. It costs about $6.50 instead of about $15.00 at Whole Foods. That is the place that Chris Rock talks about having a $7 orange. You can hear that very funny routine on YouTube. In essence, he says there used to be signs that said “No Blacks Allowed”. Now the signs are down but he says the $7 orange keeps out the Blacks just as effectively (as does a $4000-a-night suite at The Four Seasons).

Some of you asked why I posted a picture of a tiny pill. The reason is very simple. That pill is Eliquis, a blood thinner, I take twice a day. I discovered I did not bring enough for our stay here. Our daughter is coming to visit and I asked her to bring me the additional pills needed. My technical skills only allowed me to take a picture but not email that picture to her so I posted it to assure she brings the right pill. ( I also forgot to bring a Mills Brothers CD which I asked her to bring).

Yesterday was another good day in the stock market. Not nearly as good as Thursday, but I can never remember another time the market went up 1200 points. ————————- There can be debate about who the big winners are or will be in the mid-terms, but there is a strong consensus that the big loser is Donald J. Trump. Of course, Trump vehemently disagrees, but what else is new?

Not only are Trump’s legal matters going very badly, and his position in the Republican Party decreasing, he is spiraling out of control. He is from the “ready, fire, aim” school and making very bad precipitous decisions.

I rate him an underdog in his growing dispute with DeSantis. As if that were not enough of a battle, Trump is now taking on Mitch McConnell. That is a major, major mistake. Germany tried to fight on two fronts and got slaughtered, and that is what I predict will happen to Trump. McConnell has forgotten more about politics than Trump has ever known or will know. ——————————— Huge victory in Arizona. Kelly kept his Senate seat and now the Democrats need only Nevada or Georgia. My money is on the Democrats running the gauntlet and winning both seats.

Also, not to be overlooked because really important, the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State just won. He beat a radical right winger. Keep in mind that the Secretary of State is the one who oversees all elections —————————- Republicans took the Governor’s seat in Nevada. This was not an unexpected result. Even some of my Democratic friends in Nevada were not high on the incumbent. ————————— Someone has to explain Ohio to me. I mean that with Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo and Dayton, there have to be enough brains to know Vance has no business being a U. S. Senator. He is far smarter than some others, but that is not saying much. ————————— Trump has now filed a lawsuit trying to block the subpoena from the January 6 Committee. He is almost certain to keep the litigation going until a Republican controlled House, assuming that happens as it is likely to, disbands the Committee. ——————————— Today we have our fires concert at Teatro Pergola. The Foundation I head is a major benefactor. ——————————— Go Ukraine.

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