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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Most unfortunately, the lawsuit to remove Majorie Taylor Greene from the ballot has been lost. The woman is a traitor and this is a very bad decision.. ————————— Another one run loss for the marlins. I think that is five in a row. Do not know what the record is for consecutive one-run losses, but I assume the statistic is known. ———————- Many years ago, our daughter Beth went away to summer camp. Her first post card to us said, “I am getting used to the cast”. The camp had never advised us that Beth had broken whatever limb she broke, I do not remember which. I do remember Barbara and I immediately getting in the car to drive to South Carolina thinking we would bring her home. She was fine when we arrived so we ended up with a pleasant car ride.

This is sort of a preface to telling that Wednesday I tripped and fell on my right hand and left knee. For two days I could not use my right hand and then, all of a sudden, my hand got better. My wrist is still a a little sore but I am no longer one-handed.

The knee is another story. It kept getting worse until I could hardly walk, and then only with great pain. So Thursday I asked Stefano to arrange for me to see a doctor at Fanfani Clinic, but their orthopedic doctor was not available until Tuesday.

Stefano then arranged for me to see another doctor at 5 p.m. Friday. The office was a five minute walk, but I could not walk so I took a 20-minute taxi ride. Gianni accompanied me to help me walk. The doctor briefly examined me and told Gianni he was calling an ambulance to take me to a hospital to have both my wrist and knee XRayed.

After about five hours in the emergency room, the good news was that my wrist was just bruised. In fact, I can hold my I Pad in my right hand as I write this. The bad news, but I do not know how bad until later today after I see an orthopedic specialist, is that I have a fractured fibula. They put a temporary cast on my entire left leg and sent me home.

Because of Covid, neither Barbara nor Gianni were allowed to see me, although finally they let Barbara in for a few minutes. It was really difficult getting into and out of a taxi and into our apartment, but Gianni and the taxi driver practically lifted me in. Still, the toughest part, besides pain was not having Barbara. I can get through most anything if she is there, but have a really hard time when she is not.

In a few minutes, we leave to see the doctor and find out just how bad the fracture is and whether I will have a cast and crutches or a boot or whatever. Hopefully, no surgery, but if that is required I come back to Florida to doctors and hospital staff I know well and will really look after me.

I will finish this post when I return. —————— Okay; could have been a lot worse. Minor fracture. Leg braces for about two weeks and crutches for about four. Wonderful doctor who spoke English. Taxis now instead of walking but with cast even a taxi's almost impossible. Barbara and Gianni were great and every taxi driver as helpful as they could be.

We paid nothing for anything but initial doctor visit, the result of which was, “I call ambulance right away."

I am a little wiped out so see you tomorrow.

Go Ukraine

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