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Saturday, May 6, 2023

The answers to yesterdays trivia questions:

1. Fools give you reasons WISE MEN NEVER TRY from Some Enchanted Evening by Rogers& Hammerstein in South Pacific.

2.If you asked me I COULD WRITE A BOOK from I Could Write A Book by Rogers & Hart in Pal Joey.

3. I’ve got the horse right here, HIS NAME IS PAUL REVERE from Fugue for TINHORNS by Frank Loesser in Guys and Dolls.

4. If I’m not near the girl I love, I LOVE THE GIRL I’M NEAR from When I’m not near the girl I love by Burton Lane and Yip Harburg in Finian’s Rainbow.

5. Like the beat beat beat of the Tom-tom WHEN THE JUNGLE SHADOWS FALL from Night and Day by Cole Porter in Gay Divorce.

6. I never had the least notion THAT I COULD FALL WITH SO MUCH EMOTION from I’ve Got a Crush on You by George and Ira Gershwin in both Treasure Girl and Strike Up the Band.

7. Don’t know why THERE’S NO SUN UP IN THE SKY from Stormy Weather by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler in Cotton Club review

8. someday, maybe, IF I GET IT LONG ENOUGH I MAY GET TO STRUT MYSELF from Broadway Baby by Stephen Sondheim in Follies.

9. They never did seem to mind at all THEY CAME TO THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS from A Little Girl From Little Rock by Jules Styne from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

10. An almost perfect beau AS REFINED AS A GIRL COULD WISH from (When I Marry) Mister Snow by Rogers & Hammerstein in Carousel.

The foregoing is an A plus if one were taking a course dealing with the American Musical Theater. The only reason I know this stuff is that, virtually, since I was five or six I listened to the albums of these shows. I saw many of them multiple times some a dozen or more times. Okay, I guess I was a weird kid and many who know me today no doubt think I am weird.

Nonetheless, there i something about the live theater that just grabbed me as a kid and still grabs me. I have never been one minute late arriving at the theater. As soon as as light go down and I see the conductor get ready to conduct the overture, I am transfixed. There is something about the sound that comes out of the orchestra pit that is unique and many times I dreamed about being able to pick up the baton and lead the fabulous musicians assembled. Remember, I cannot read a note. I have zero musical talent, but I can hear it all in my head. Sitting in my seat, I am transported to another place. I cannot why.


With all those fake electors getting immunity in Georgia, things do not bode well for either Giuliani or Trump. If I were Lindsey Graham, I would not be too happy either, but I do not know enough details to have a meaningful opinion.


Seabourn really put on a great sea day celebrating the Coronation. We had a very good time and then a nice dinner with our friends Beverly and Leo.


Today we will be the entire day in Cononou, Benin. Andy and Alicia will be with us and a private guide we were fortunate to find. Before this trip, I had never even heard of Benin.


We. Attended our third master class from Seabourn’s head sommelier. He is very likable and very knowledgeable. These class costs a lot of money and it was disappointing that no exceptional wines were included. Tonight we have the dinner that is included Seabourn has one more chance to meet the expectations of the 12 attendees.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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