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Saturday, May 21, 2022

I have been informed by our daughter that she has read enough about my relationship with her Mother. So, now I have to find others to talk about. Our lifestyle is no longer conducive to having a dog. I was never a ”cat person”. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber only wrote three or four different melodies, so I am open to suggestions.

Our Temple is getting a new Rabbi, but I have not met him yet. I could write about my friends but nothing could be published until 20 years after everyone now alive died. Lawyers should remember the Rule Against Perpetuities. I studied it, and learned it, but never understood why. It certainly has never come up in 56 years of law practice.

So, no more about Barbara or “my first Wife” a/k/a “the incumbent." From now on Barbara will be “whn”. (I will never forget what’s her name).


I told all my readers, the Wild West is returning. By 10 a.m Eastern time on Friday, it was reported that three different high school graduations across the U. S. ended with gunfire. At least one person was killed, and seven injured. Graduations were in Louisiana, Michigan and Tennessee. Things are getting crazier by the minute.


Oklahoma is about to ban all abortions from the moment of fertilization. I would just love to see a mass exodus from Oklahoma. Maybe even more effective would be if every star high school football player committed to playing in Oklahoma decided to play elsewhere. If I were a Big Ten football coach I would be visiting every damn player and trying to get each one to play elsewhere.

Do not know how many conventions are held in Oklahoma, or movies filmed there, but somebody has to fight back.

According to Google, there are only about 5000 Jews in the whole damn State. Not sure of the significance of that fact other than that the Chinese food in Oklahoma is probably not very good and probably the Chinese restaurants are closed Sunday nights.


My friend Len Blackwell has just been advised he is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Bar. This award could not have been given to anyone who deserves it more. Len has led an exemplary life as both a lawyer and a human being. I am thrilled for him, his Wife Mary and their family. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Even those dunderheads in Mississippi get it right on occasion


Donald Trump, or some entity or individual on his behalf, paid the $110,000 contempt fine. However, the monies are being held in escrow while Trump appeals the underlying decision..

I have to think that Trump has done more to keep the legal profession green than anyone in history.


Based on the law as I understand it, the documents Trump's lawyer Eastman is trying not to produce are not protected by the attorney-client privilege. There was a time in my immature past when I might have said it should be a “slam dunk”.

Now, with evidence that Ginni Thomas was emailing higher ups in Arizona to do whatever it takes to overthrow the election, who knows what the Supreme Court would do.

Twenty years ago, I would have bet everything I had that SCOTUS was not corrupt. Not now. I no longer trust our federal court system. Yes, we still have some great judges with all the integrity in the world. The problem is that they are now laboring in a diseased system.


Based upon an extensive review of what happened in the world between when I went to bed Friday night and woke up Saturday morning, a good start, (waking up) Americans are far more interested in Johnny Depp and the NBA than they are about the war in Ukraine, South Korea, or a Supreme Court Justice’s Wife trying to overthrow an election. No one seems to care that every woman in Oklahoma is now been demoted to second class citizenship, either. Very sad.


Marlins lost. Rogers is notorious for slow starts. Cannot miss the first two or three innings as game could be over.


Baer’s Furniture Company is one of the most successful companies in the United States. I went to college with Bobby Baer and my Father went to college with Melvin (Papa) Baer. The Baer and Miller family are inextricably intertwined.

Few decisions in the Baer family of any import have been made without my consent. Few Baers have not followed my advice. There is nothing I would not do for a Baer if I could and nothing most Baers would not do for me if they could. We watched everyone grow up beginning in 1958.

Bobby is no longer running Baer’s day to day. His nephew Jerry is now responsible. He and I are quite close. His children Merritt and Cathy are both extraordinary. Of course Bobby’s three boys Michael, Ira and Skunk -- that is, Larry -- are part of our family.

I am not going to get into marriages except to say that Bobby’s remarriage to Elaine has been a huge success. There is nothing we do to which they are not invited.

Why today am I writing this? Because yesterday, I received an email from the Baers. It was an advertisement, the headline for which began “O-M-G …….. I never read on to see “EXTRA 10% OFF CLEARANCE”.

Time for some advice, non billable,. I emailed back to several Baers as follows:

“Can I respectfully suggest, without your thinking I am interfering unreasonably in your marketing, that you find a less alarming way than 'O-M-G' to begin? As we get older, seeing an email that begins that way means someone died or is about to”.


This post is now completed with no mention of “whn” or my leg.


Go Ukraine

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