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Saturday, March 5, 2022


How do you know if you are in front of a Russian firing squad? They are standing in a circle.


Donald Trump offers his critical opinion on almost every issue. I have never once heard him say anything good about anything any Democrat did. He has been unusually silent about what is going on between Russia and Ukraine. My best guess is that, one the one hand, he does not want to defend a fellow autocrat and may still want to do business in Russia, but, on the other hand, he knows most Americans are rooting hard for Ukraine, and he does not want to be an outlier.


Michael McFaul is now a Professor at Stanford University. He was the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014. McFaul has been on MSNBC multiple times daily expressing his views and explaining what is going on in the Russia v Ukraine conflict.

There are a lot of talking heads on the various television stations. I think none of the others are nearly as good as McFaul. It is worth tuning in on this station just to hear his views. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on the Russia, but how many of them have had face to face meetings with Putin?


I am still shaking my head at Lindsey Graham’s public statement that someone needs to assassinate Putin. Frankly, he is right, but as I say many times, in many different contexts, that being right is overrated. Understanding this concept is one of the main reasons Barbara and I celebrate our 61st anniversary in a week.


The more I hear the opinion of the military leaders, the better I understand why, as much as my heart wants us to go into Ukraine with troops, we cannot do that without the conflict actually going into Russia.


Unemployment is now a fabulous 3.8%. Normally, the great jobs report would have driven the stock market way up. The war drove it way down.


Apparently, being admitted to NATO is not so easy. Ukraine has been trying for some time. Both Germany and France were opposed. Isn’t it time to reconsider? Maybe what is happening is that Ukraine will not be admitted because if it is, the other NATO countries are going to have to do more than they are presently doing.


The Russian stock market is still closed. I just read it will remain closed until at least next Wednesday.I also read that Russians are fleeing or trying to flee Russia. Apparently, they are going to Finland. Neither Finland nor Sweden is a NATO country, but that could change soon.


Yesterday I had some jibe surgery on my foot. It went well. Barbara went with me, oversaw everything and took very good care of me. I see the doctor again Monday. By then, I should be all right. I have pain, but no worse than the pain the surgery is supposed to cure.

It is about a 45 minute drive each way to the doctor. We listened to Willie’s Roadhouse and heard some really great country music. Unlike the Sinatra station, where the music is great but one learns very little because the disc jockey says little, the disc jockeys on Willie’s station are very knowledgeable and share that knowledge. I love learning new things about all kinds of music.


So today I stay home, and basically watch a war. I also need to make some arrangements for our upcoming trip to Italy.


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See you tomorrow.

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