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Saturday, March 4, 2023

We are now on our way to Sydney from Brisbane. Great day in Brisbane with Linda and Gray. Could not find a nicer or easier couple to be with to see the sights which involved a lot of walking, I had over 11,000 steps and a great Chinese lunch which took the better part of the afternoon, 1 to 3:30 among other think had a whole Peking duck and some really unique dumplings. People without reservations were turned away.

The Modern Museum is a huge beautiful complex. Our taxi driver took about 45 minutes between the museum and lunch to drive us around a very cosmopolitan city, the third biggest in Australia.

Linda and Gray have a very happy long term marriage. Gray describes their backgrounds as their each having mulligans meaning they were each married for a short time to others before they met.

We had a very pleasant day. No dinner for us. We are really sorry these new friends are leaving in two days.


f you like beer, Australia is the place to be. Each restaurant we have been to have multiple great beers on tap. They just know how to do draft beer. Not sure how the beer stays so cold but it does. And it is not expensive by U.S standards.


Very good day in the stock market Friday. Remember, Friday in Florida is Saturday here in Australia.


Started writing this while Barbara went to hear a lecture. I just do not have the energy to be up and about the ship. For certain, whatever charm I might have has dissipated so decided to let people just think I am anti-social rather than proving it.


I have no idea what happened in the world yesterday. At least, to my knowledge, no one I cared about died. Business is picking up.


Lost an hour last night. Really means nothing on a trip like this.


Started the 11th book in Gray Man series. Fell one behind.

——————-- Can this really be happening? If I read correctly, DeSantis is introducing a Bill, which means Florida will pass a law, that if one writes a blog about DeSantis, the writer has to to register with the State. Maybe, I misread what I saw.

If I do not register, one of you will probably be able to turn me in and collect a reward.

It is true but I have to be paid for writing my blog and I am not paid. Whew! Nonetheless, this is pretty scary “Nazi shit”.


I cannot believe how tired I am so I will see you tomorrow. At least, that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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