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Saturday, March 26, 2022

With Joe Manchin saying he will support the nomination of Judge Jackson, it looks like she will be confirmed but with few, if any, Republican votes. The vote should be close to unanimous, if not unanimous, but rouse a famous legal phrase, almost every Republican Senator is a “perfect asshole” even though perfection is an aspirational goal.


I did get a very good medical report from the Fanfani Clinic. Have not eaten out all week hoping to lose weight. I met with modest success but did cut my sodium intake way down. I know I need to be much more active, but caught a cold which has been more debilitating than it should be.


Amazing that St. Peters and Miami are still alive in the NCAA tournament. Attending the Final Four is one of the things on my Bucket List along with the Kentucky Derby.


When, if ever, will we get a unanimous opinion from the Supreme Court? It looks like Thomas and Alito will never agree with the liberal wing of the Court and Gorsuch appears to be almost as bad. None of Trump's appointments are good from my point of view, but some are worse than others.


Donald Trump and his two adult sons have agreed to sit for depositions as part of a class action lawsuit alleging they collaborated with a fraudulent market company. I wonder who has the ticket concession. I would be amazed if the former President answers any questions properly. If asked what time it is, maybe he will tell you how to make a watch.


The Heat lost to the Knicks 111 to 103. They were out scored in the 4th quarter 38 to 15.


Happy Birthday to our great friends Erica Jong and Ken Burrows.


Does anyone know how colleges select applicants who are waitlisted? Once I paid a refundable sum to be first to obtain the cabin I wanted on a cruise ship but, obviously, that is not applicable to be admitted to a certain college. Say, there are 1000 applicants waitlisted. Ten people admiitted choose another school. How are the open spots filled? Asking for a friend.


It will be sad for me, but I may have to cancel brunch tomorrow at the Four Seasons. Barbara will not be heartbroken.


Go Ukraine.

See you tomorrow

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