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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Honestly people, Donald J. Trump marches to the tune that only he marches to in the world. He is facing possible indictment by the New York authorities so what does he do? He threatens the District Attorney. What human being even semi-sane would do that?

Trump’s lawyers cannot be that dumb no matter how incompetent they may be. One must assume, since he can afford good lawyers, that they are smart enough to know there is no upside in threatening anyone in the position to do something adverse. This means that Trump is off on his own toot. Okay by me, who does anyone seriously think threats and name calling can be helpful. The people contributing to Trump’s legal fund will contribute no matter what. I think they are nuts, but it is their money, and they can bet it on a three legged horse if they want. I understand that, in Australia, there are cockroach fights where big bets are made, so betting on Trump his about the same, maybe.


In case anyone has a doubt, the GOP attempted probe into the DA’s office in Manhattan is 100%out of bounds. The glue these politicians are sniffing is incredibly hallucinating stuff.


In varying degrees, I like all the hosts on MSNBC but I am really crossing my eyes at the very same ads being played way too often. I think I have most of them memorized


Sea day yesterday and today. Came in third in trivial pursuit. Nice dinner at TK Keller’s with two people we met on ship who are bright and pleasant to be with. Served the Penfolds Chardonnay in our cabin before dinner and everyone liked it.


Barbara planned our time in Bali where we will arrive Monday and stay overnight


Major change in our itinerary. Because of political unrest the three days in Mombasa have been cancelled. A number of unhappy passengers who had safaris planned leaving from Kenya. Fortunately, our safari remains intact although it looks like we lose a day in Capetown which is not good.


I am fully recovered, and, in fact, did quite a strong 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. Should be in gym every day but only way that seems doable is to rename our bathroom “the gym”.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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