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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sunday March 12 in Australia and Saturday. March 11 in the United States.

I start this way because today on the ship having now left Melbourne heading to Adelaide, we are celebrating our 62nd anniversary although most of our family and friends who will acknowledge the occasion will think we are a day early.

I will delay talking about our second day in Melbourne, although I will say we were the very last passengers back on the ship, a first for us, and devote this post to my Wife. If she does not deserve my undivided attention, then there is no one else in the world who does.

My favorite toast at a wedding and every note I write to newlyweds when giving a wedding gift includes these words: “May today be the day you love each other the least”.

Few couples are fortunate enough to reach this lofty objective particularly over an entire adult lifetime. We met in September 1958 at ages 18 and 17 and married in 1961 at 21 and 20. I loved Barbara from almost the first day I met in the library at the University of Michigan

My parents said “get her” after meeting her at parents’ weekend. Barbara’s parents felt the same about me. Each set of parents educated us and underwrote our marriage until I could support my family.

Our first child was born my first year of law school. Our second, when I was earning $500 a month as a lawyer. I hung out a shingle in Hollywood, Florida in August 1968, with no clients, knowing almost nothing about the practice of law but through a lot of hard work, an equal amount of luck and a Wife who believed in me 110% we continued our lifetime journey together which has lasted to this day.

There was never any doubt that we would spend our lives together, totally committed to each other and never ever even thinking of breaking our marital vows in letter or in spirit.

There is no one in this world who could love me more than Barbara and no one in this world who could love her more than I. We take care of each other at all times. We meet every challenge together and enjoy the good times together.

Many of you have heard me say, several times, “there is always someone richer, smarter, faster and thinner, but I would not trade places with anyone in the world." Whatever anyone else has in the world, I am the only one who has my Wife.

Do not misunderstand. We disagree on lots of things, but we have found a way to work out the disagreements. We are each other’s equilibrium.

The last roll of the dice is always 7. The end can come at any time, but until it does, we will keep on enjoying our lives as long as we can. People ask me whether I am having a good time on this cruise and my answer is always “yes, because I have Barbara”. She is “it” and that’s all you need to know..

So, on our extended 62nd anniversary, I felt it was necessary to express my gratitude, love and respect to the person who has provided a life for me that few individuals are fortunate enough to experience.

Me too, forever.



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