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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Navarro was finally indicted. It is about time. This was an easy one for the Department of Justice and I think it should have been done months ago.

Mark Meadows is a much tougher issue. I think it is more understandable that no action has yet been taken. After I wrote the forgoing but before I posted, the D.O.J. declined to proceed against Meadows. That is the right legal call, unfortunately.

Lots of lawyers are making lots of money representing all these people. I am glad I am not one of them. In the 56 plus years I have practiced law, I have represented a lot of people who were served with subpoenas. I have personally been served numerous times.

Never once it did occur to me to simply ignore the subpoena or advise a client to do so. Opposing a subpoena is far different than ignoring a subpoena. I just don’t get it. I think it is because the Rule of Law has always been important to me.

I start writing these posts right after Covid hit and we all, or most of us, quarantined. It was only then that I turned on the television set and realized, after hearing Bill Barr and realizing that there was no more Rule of Law. I was outraged and could not believe what I was seeing. I am still outraged, but now, not only do I believe it, I realize that everyday it is getting worse,.

People are getting shot to death on just about a daily basis. Our personal freedoms are disappearing. There is no more two party system. What was the Republican Party is now a group of greedy hoodlums totally ignoring the desires of their constituents.

There is apparently a race between DeSantis and Abbott, Cruz and Hawley, Greene and Goetz and many others as to who can take the most outlandish positions. The Governor of Oklahoma was proud as a peacock when he signed a law banning all abortions in his State. It is all simply bizarre.

In Florida teachers cannot say “gay,” but in Ohio, some asshole gives a high school commencement address bashing gays.

I do not like high gas prices but I do not intend to buy much gas. I will soon be too afraid to leave my house lest some wacko decide to shoot a bunch of people or does not like the amount of alimony he is paying or when he is seeing his children. Our world has gone mad.

As Anthony Newley once said, “Stop the world, I want to get off”.


It appears that the authorities in Texas are not only incompetent, they are totally insensitive to the grief that the gun massacre has caused. How these dunderheads rose to their present positions is proof that the Peter Principle is alive and well.


The Nadal match at the French Open was fabulous before Nadal’s opponent got injured. Nadal is a class act and could not have done anything or said anything better than he did. A true sportsman.


The Republicans have now added Dr. Oz to their list of all-stars, which is headed by Herschel Walker who, literally, is incapable of speaking in a coherent manner. If this were not such a serious situation, it would be hilarious, but to think these people could actually serve in the United Stated Senate is no laughing matter. Next the Republicans could run Charley McCarthy. (For you young people, he was a puppet -- a real one)


Looks like, despite huge opposition from both inside and outside the teachers’ profession, Ohio and Louisiana are pushing to arm their teachers. What a terrible idea on multiple levels. Maybe they will get ranks and uniforms with battle ribbons. How absurd and I predict the teachers will not and should not stand for it.

This issue is just in its infancy. Stand by.


Marlins gave up over two touchdowns against the Giants. Guess football season has come early this year.


There are few foods that I think are better in Florida than they are in Florence. Frozen fruit bars is one. Many foods available in Florence avoid barbecue except for the ribs. Wild boar ribs are great. They really do not have good Cole Slaw in Italy. Or corn on the cob. Good fresh fish is more abundant in the States but not poultry. When it comes to steak, it is a matter of personal taste because the cows are different Lamb and veal could be a tossup, but not pork products, including sausages. Cheeses are no contest nor are fruits and vegetables.

If you like rain and wind and flooded streets, Florida wins hands down.

Go Ukraine.

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