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Saturday, June 3, 2023

I think Saturday can be summed up with a burp. We went for a four hour lunch is one of my favorite place in Corazzano. Most of you who have visited us have been there. There specialty is truffles and I do not think anyone cooks pasta better than Simone.


Does anyone care about Phillip Schofield?


Today brunch at Four Seasons. This really is the last one. We will have a 7th empty chair for the Messiah———I mean Barbara.


Google ran a list of the 15 best singers of all time. Three were on my list———Sinatra, Franklin and Presley.


Some Biden detractors are arguing that Biden started a fire and now wants to be hero for putting it out. Really, Biden did not put McCarthy in the Speakership or allow the far right conservative wing of the Republican Party to have so much power. I find that argument totally specious..


Been off the ship a week but sometimes I think I still feel the ship’s movement under my feet.


There are lots of dogs here in Florence. Most are really well groomed and well behaved. Dogs are allowed my most, if not all restaurants. I never bothered to ask because we do not have a dog.

What is both a mystery and humiliating to me, is that I can barely understand when spoken to in Italian, but every damn dog is smarter than I and, obviously, fluent.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.

—————- ——

Go Ukraine

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