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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Yesterday there was a coup in Russia, there wasn’t a coup, there was a coup, but finally, if I understand correctly, there was no coup.


Yesterday the Marlins, gong into the 8th looked like two run winners, then they were one run winners, then they were tied in the 3rd, then they were one run behind in the top of the 10th, then they tied the score in the bottom of the 10th, then they won it in the bottom of the 11th whew!


Went to AT&T store. Our last chance to download my Marlin tickets failed.


Today granddaughter Kasey goes off to camp for three weeks. I am going to the game with Barbara, an adult. Yesterday was grandson Holden.


Tomorrow would have been my late kid brother’s 76th birthday. When I left home, never to return, he was 6. He was 13 when I got married so I really only got to know him when he came to the University of Miami and spent the majority of weekends with us.

Matt became an excellent lawyer and worked with me his entire life. There is a lot I could write about Matt and his family, but the vast likelihood is that I will not. My sister and I talked about our brother yesterday and that was enough said at this juncture. Perhaps another time.

I have yet to know a family that is not without issues. Perhaps there are some but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and ignorance is bliss.


There are a lot of situations that I think I could make better were I willing to dedicate the “emotional and other elbow grease” necessary. The problem is that I have neither the energy nor the inclination to dedicate the necessary time and effort. Further, when I weigh the benefits in the event I am successful, I conclude that, in the scheme of things, it would not be worth it. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago but not now. My life is already a 95 or 96. The bullshit I would have to wade through to get to 97 is just not worth it


Not many are paying attention, but the Republicans are preventing a number of confirmations. There are many, but the Senate is preventing a new Secretary of Labor and that moron Tuberville is trying jour military in knots this is not how government should work. If truth be told, the Greene’s and Boeberts of the world are nothing more than juvenile delinquents. There has to come a time, and it better come damn soon, when the welfare of our country comes before the welfare of those our citizens are sending to Washington.


Keep your eye on the abortion issue. That issue will end of defining the next election. The government simply cannot tell. a woman what she can do with her body. Further for all you “but every life is sacred” people, do something about caring for these babies once they are born. Caring should begin on the date of birth, not end.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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