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Saturday, June 11, 2022

If I were part of Donald Trump’s legal team, I would start looking at the insanity defense. That statement may bring a lot of scoffs, but it is my legal explanation for trying to explain why Trump does what he does and says what he says.

The evidence against Trump’s version of what happened is more than overwhelming. No sane person, not even a 10-year-old of average intelligence, can agree with Trump.

This is not a close issue. There is no way to explain Trump’s views other than to conclude they are irrational. Trump may or may not be a danger to himself. He is clearly a danger to others.


I urge all of you who use Facebook or other internet communications channels to post positive things about the January 6 hearings. About 20 million tuned it. That number needs to be doubled. Way too many Americans are focused only on gasoline prices and how much more their groceries cost. These are urgent issues, but they are not the only urgent issues.

Arguably, the future of our democracy, the fact that a President for the first time in history would not accept defeat and did and is continuing to do everything possible to bring down our government and take away our freedoms, is more important.

It will not matter if the price of gasoline is $1.00 a gallon if our Constitution is destroyed and the life all of you take for granted is taken from you. Ask the parents who lost children in a gun massacre how important the price of gasoline is. Ask the very sick who cannot pay for their medicines to stay alive, or live with bearable rather than unbearable pain, what they care about. It ain’t gonna be how much gas costs.

I laid in bed flat on my back in some pain for five weeks. I was not happy but I never even thought of complaining for one second. My leg was going to mend, but nothing was going to bring back children shot to death and nothing was going to make children and adults seriously Ill better. Those are real problems. People being bombed in the Ukraine have real problems.

Not everyone has had a life as lucky as mine. I know that. It is why hardly a day goes by that I do not do something to try to make someone else’s life a little better. Complaining is useless. Nothing gets accomplished unless some effort is made to make things better.

One other thought on this subject. If you need help, ask for it. You may get turned down, but maybe, somebody will say “yes” or say “well, I can help a little”. Two song titles come to mind : "Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out” and “The Best Things In Life Are Free”. Neither approach solves the problem, but a positive attitude often can help.


A day or two ago, I asked the question about what, if anything, you would do if football coach Jack Del Rio said something as stupid as he did about what happened on January 6.

Well, we have an answer. The Washington Commanders ( formerly the Redskins) fined Del Rio $100,000. I suspect Del Rio’s contract somehow addresses his right to say anything he wants notwithstanding the First Amendment. I always thought the man was a schmuck but what he said was not as bad as the Nazis burning the American flag.


It is not even 3 p.m.on Friday, and Saturday’s post is almost sufficiently long that it can be posted. I do know some lawyers who adore sending out a bunch of crap last thing on Friday just before going home for the weekend so I am trained never to think nothing more can happen late on Fridays.


I have only a modest interest in golf, at least since Arnold Palmer stopped playing. There were better golfers, but for some reason Palmer’s game, his demeanor on and off the course, and just the way he lived always struck my fancy.

I have liked and followed others, including Tiger and Jack. In fact, Jack was only number 2 on the Ohio State golf team for a while and the guy who was number 1, cannot remember his name, used to be in the same hearts game with me. I supported Barbara and me at that game.

Anyway, I have only a few words about this new Saudi Golf Tour which threatens to ruin professional golf as we know it. What is no surprise, but the principle confirmed again, is that almost everyone in the world has a price at which they would sell their Grandmother, or Mother, or kid. The only question is whether, once sold, they would deliver.

The joke goes like this : Devil says to the lawyer, “You can be the most famous, richest lawyer in the world and never lose a case, but everyone you love or care about will die painfully within a week”. The lawyer says, “Okay, but what’s the catch?”


The Marlins won on the road 7 to 4 against a tough Houston team.


Yesterday, I received a few comments that I was late posting. That was because I slept until 8 a.m. and often I have no ideas what I am going to write until my day begins. There is very little method to these posts. Each morning I think to myself, “Is there anything going on in the world or in my life that I want others to know about?"

I can post these remarks very early because so much happened Friday that I had no reason to check out what occurred after I retired Friday night.


Go Ukraine

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