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Saturday, July 8, 2023

Off to airport in a few minutes. Did not want to fly alone but that is how it worked out.

Leaving from Fort Lauderdale is multiple times easier than leaving from Miami.


What is “Presidential” about Donald Trump? Seriously, the man is an unhinged thug. There are others who basically have no heart or soul or ethics, who are dishonest to the core, but what is totally incomprehensible, is how he has attracted millions who think he is God incarnate. Many of these people are smart, successful, and in other aspects of their lives are normal well adjusted. I just don’t get it.


McCarthy has refused to endorse Trump for President. He should look for a horse’s head in his bed sometime very soon.


Big story for me, personally, is I agreed to a plan, price and terms to redo our back deck from soup to nuts. Someone once defined “ambivalence” as watching your mother in law go over a cliff in your new Mercedes. When I got out of law school, both David and I would have signed in our blood to earn per year what this will cost, but overall I am pleased on multiple levels. Hopefully, we will live to enjoy it. The value of our house will be enhanced, and it really needed to be done. Rather than trying to repair, we are ripping out everything intending to make it look like it did when originally built. Contractor said he will use 12,000 screws. It should be done by end of the summer. I have already received $2.50 from my cult followers.


The was no joy in Mudville last night. Marlins blew it in 9th losing to Phillies by one fun. Very bad loss.


Unless you are already an alcoholic, or wish to become one, I would stay away from alll drink packages on any cruise no matter how alluring the terms might seem. This is my best advice. It is your choice whether to take it.


Looks like Rudy Giuliani will be disbarred in Washington D.C. The man should never ever practice law again anywhere. He joins a long line of Republican lawyers who have made a mockery of what was once thought of as the best legal systems in the world. However, that was when a level playing field was a priority and our judges were judges not politicians. They were also, for the most part, more ethical.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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