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Saturday, July 2, 2022

GAY, GAY, GAY. On Friday the “Don’t Say Gay”:law took effect in Florida.


I want to give a plug to a very good trainer. His name is Dean and his gym is called Core Fitness Training. The gym is right near the Diplomat Hotel and there is free parking. If you are looking for an excellent trainer, I highly recommend him and his place.


I hope you all pay attention to what President Biden finally said: if the Republicans win the House in November as they are favored to do, there will be a national ban on all abortions. Then, gay marriages will be next, and then other personal freedoms.

Everyone’s mantra must be "Vote for Democracy. Vote Like Your Life Depends On It”.

The price of gas is important, but ask yourself if it is more important than all abortions being banned, or gay marriages being outlawed, or birth control being illegal. This is an easy choice for me, and it should be for most of you. In fact, it should be your position for our country even if you personally are against abortion.

This is the most serious crisis of my lifetime. I cannot overemphasize how important it is that the people who call themselves Republicans are sent packing en masse. They are welcome back when they get rid of the radical right because, as I said yesterday, we need a two party system. We do not need to go back in time 50 years to back-alley abortions and bigotry.


I think the most moving speech I have ever heard was Jim Valvano’s speech about the need for cancer research given at a time when he was dying of cancer. I cannot explain why it is so mesmerizing, but it gets to me every time I listen. I am not suggesting anyone make a habit of listening to this speech, but you will be a better person if you listen to it. Now the question is: "How many of you want to be a better human being than you are now?" The lesson: NEVER GIVE UP.


If the Marlins only played the Nationals, they would be in first place.

Have you noticed that the announcers of baseball games have totally shifted their emphasis to explaining in gory detail the various pitches thrown by each pitcher? The announcers almost totally ignore all other aspects of the game.


Whether it is proven or not, there is no doubt in my mind that there has been witness tampering and that Donald Trump is guilty of trying to overthrow our government. The man cannot ever be allowed to hold public office again. The only question for me is whether he should be in prison or in a mental ward.


The Locatel Health & Wellness pharmacy in Hallandale is the best run pharmacy I have ever encountered. Unlike the vast majority of pharmacies, not only do they have a sufficient number of employees, their employees know what they are doing, and do it with a smile.


I keep going back to our Supreme Court. It is, itself, one big abortion.


Go Ukraine, and vote like our life depends on it.

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