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Saturday July 1, 2023

The Marlins held the Braves to a touchdown Saturday. It is disappointing to look forward to watching a game that was, for all practical purposes, over before the Braves made their second out.

Had four grandchildren and two of their friends to the house to play with Grandma while I watched the game with daughter and her Husband. I cannot say I agreed to this because I was not asked, but I had no problem had I been asked because I thought I was bringing in food.

WRONG: Barbara spent basically the entire day preparing the equivalent of the Michelin starred dinner. She needs to expand a day from 24 to 36 hours. I will sign that petition but I refused to sign a petition to expand the size of the Supreme Court.

Do not get me wrong. I hate our present Court. However, I agree with Biden that expanding the size of the Court causes bigger problems and is not the solution.


Trump is terrible. DeSantis is far worse. Watch out everyone. Better start paying attention. He is coming after almost everyone and makes no bones about it.


I also refused to sign a petition asking the Chief Judge in Miami to remove Judge Cannon from Trump’s criminal case. Trying is a total waste of time and money.


Trump is counter-suing Carroll for defamation. Countersuits can be useful strategic moves, but here is my question. Trump refused to testify in the original trial, and, predictably, got his ass handed to him. How does he win any countersuit if he refuses to get on the stand? Another “ready, fire, aim” move by Trump who may be the worse litigant in recent history.


Just my opinion. The CEO of United Airlines has apologized for taking a private plane from New York to Denver when lots of scheduled United flights were cancelled. I do not know why the man wanted or needed to get to Denver, but he heads a major company, is paid accordingly, and could fly privately all the time as many CEO’s do. I think the apology was nice but not necessary.


I confess to becoming more ornery in many ways, and I have an increasingly amount of trouble with friends who constantly violate certain principles. I am not perfect when it comes to these matters, but compared to others, I am doing pretty well. At this point, I am trying to limit my exposure to those I regard to be on or near the top shelf. I do not hold anyone to being perfect. Perfection is an aspirational goal. However, I do not expect my friends to take their football and go home if they do not always get their way. No one does always get their way, except maybe one friend, and, although I would have to kill you if I told you why, he deserves it.

I am not asking anyone to walk to school uphill three miles in the snow both ways without shoes , but I am asking for the following which is by no means a complete list.

1. Be on time. Anyone can be late and have a valid reason, but let me know unless you are in the hospital or something unexpected.

2. If I call you, call me back particularly if I am told you are in a meeting or on a phone and will call when the meeting or call is over. If you cannot call, have someone else call.

3. Read your damn emails, do not scan them. Inevitably, the response when it comes is incomplete.

4. If you say “I will do it today, than do it or let me know why you could not and when you can.

5. Tell me the damn truth and stop with the bullshit as my tolerance has diminished.

6. If you do not like something I have said or done, and you cannot resolve your feelings internally, discuss it with me. I apologize all the time because, as I have tried to teach my children “being right is often overrated”. It is more important to get it right.

7. If you say it is important, whether I agree or not, I will try to make it important to me. However, conversely, if I tell you something is important to me, treat it that way. It is not for you to judge what should be important to me.

8. Your friends friends are not necessarily your friends, and your friends enemies are not necessarily your enemies.

9. Moderate your feelings. Not everything is the end of the world. I didn’t go to dinner where I wanted and I am so hurt, I am besides myself. Really? Save that for when your beloved pet has to be put down.

10. It took a long time, but I am finally learning who I can share my thoughts with and trust they will not be misused and I really cannot trust.

All of the forgoing was prompted by the conclusion I have finally reached that I am no longer going to devote my time, energy and caring to putting out petty fires. I used to jump to try to make peace, but now it is too exhausting and not worth the expenditure of my emotion. What will be, will be. I have my Wife, my children and grandchildren, my sister, David, Bobby and a few others and the rest is gravy.

P.S. I take real pleasure when I can help someone. I appreciate being thanked, but I don’t keep score and think “now he//she owes me”. Too many people have their hand out for too many things. Do favors because it is the nice thing to do. Smiles start with a smile and being kind and forgiving is the way to go. Too bad it took all this time to reach these conclusions


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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