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Saturday, January 7, 2023

We are off on our journey. Again, all is well that ends well. There were some inexperienced people working to check in the passengers so it was much more difficult and time consuming than normal.

We finally got to our cabin and shuttered because the video of our accommodation made the space look twice as large as it was. The problem, luckily, was more than satisfactorily resolved. However, if I told you the details, I would have to kill you.

As predicted Barbara felt compelled to do about three days of work settling in before bedtime. There is very little left to be done. The staff is extremely accommodating. Most of the passengers we have met have sailed on Seabourn multiple times.

Our first port today is Key West. We are spending the day with Joe and Shelley Miklas. Joe and I served together on the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar beginning in 1988, I believe.

We ate in our cabin the first day and the room service was excellent. Took a little time off from packing to visit a really nice piano bar. Liked the piano player-singer, but he sings only the refrains and he needs to learn the verses, which make a huge difference, particularly on most Gershwin songs and another favorite of mine, “It Had To Be You”. Upon request, really good caviar is served everywhere on the ship. Too bad I am on a low sodium diet and can only eat it occasionally.


We just love it when our grandchildren call us, but we love it even more when they call us to report excellence in academics Yesterday, Grandson Ryan, son Charles’ middle child, called to say that after getting all A’s his first semester at Florida State, he has been admitted into the Honors Program. Yeah Ryan!


Well, we have a Speaker, but if I were he, I would put my name on the door of my office in chalk. I expect the Vegas bookmakers will set the over/under on the length of his term before the end of the day.


Our ship, in an abundance of caution and even though everyone had to test negative no more than 48 hours before embarking, is making us all wear masks for at least three days. All passengers are again being tested tomorrow.


I cannot write a lot today because ship’s IT guy is coming to help set up our computers and Alexa and we have to leave to meet our friends


Go Ukraine.

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