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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Yesterday, we docked in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. We had a nice time walking around, mostly in markets. It was very, very hot and I walked over 8000 steps which is the most I have walked in the week we have been on the cruise. I was damn tired when I returned to the ship, but recovered.

The night before I ate Indian food and it must have been loaded with sodium because I gained over three pounds. Tried not drinking or eating bad things yesterday but still did not fare well on scale so wIll try again today. At least Seabourn is televising the two playoff games later in the day, so I will watch them and hopefully avoid a lot of calories.

I should have lost five pounds for what I did not eat. They had a German buffet at lunch with foods I used to devour and now cannot eat even if calories were not an issue. It broke my heart to walk by all kinds of sausages, sauerkraut, schnitzel, dumplings etc. and the

f——-g Perrier did not adequately replace a couple of really good beers.

I did say I would try playing Trivial Pursuit. I have to try hard to manage expectations because I am certain the others expect me to be better than I will be.

Today we are going through Panama Canal. They way we are traveling, the time has changed one hour four times in the last four days. First, we lost an hour, then we gained it, then we lost it, then we gained it again. Monday, we cross the Equator. —————————— Seems like a good time to hide from what is going on in the United States. The Republicans are pledged to throw us into default by refusing to properly address our debt. I think the principle “never negotiate with terrorists" is applicable here.

The radical right is trying to get the Biden Administration to rescind spending that the majority of our citizens favor. There could be a number of disasters as a result of what looks like a massive game of “chicken”. We will just have to wait and see who blinks first. I would like to see it work out that our elected politicians be the first not to get their paychecks. —————————- Maybe I am super sensitive, but I cannot even look at this guy Santos without cringing. There is nothing about this guy I like and how he got elected is a complete mystery to me. —————————- Here is really exciting news. Rumor has it that first on Trump’s list for a running mate is Marjorie Taylor Greene. That would truly be the ticket from Hell. However, the cult element will be absolutely thrilled, and, frankly, I hope that is the ticket. ————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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