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Saturday, February 11, 2023

“One for the road” now means going to the bathroom before I leave to go anyplace.


Today and the next four days we are at sea. Cross the international dateline on the 13th. On Thursday, we reach Fiji where we will visit three different places. We lost another hour last night and are now 6 hours earlier than est. this means, among other things that the Super Bowl starts at 12:30 tomorrow.

On of the ripple effects of being at sea is that it is much more difficult to know how we are doing with our weight. We did bring our own scale, but with the ship moving, it is almost impossible to get a reading on the scale.

New trivial pursuit game starts today. I think our entire team stays intact for this next segment which ends in about a month in Sydney, Australia. Why break up a losing team. It is not that we had the wrong answers last segment. They asked the wrong questions.

Did not have even a sip of alcohol all week. Seabourn had a caviar sail away yesterday as we left French Polynesia. I went and had a really nice time but ate and drank nothing. Barbara went to the gym.

Today we are going to a wine tasting at 3:30. Then, at 7 we have dinner at Keller’s.


Something like 23,000 have died due to the earthquake in Turkey. The world needs to drill down on this as it is much more than another example of Mother Nature being pissed. It is an example of what happens, and there is a real threat it could happen in the United States, when Democracy is threatened and autocracy replaces it.

The earthquake killed so many people because the corruption in the Turkish Government caused buildings to be built shoddily so that those in power could steal the money that should have gone into building safe buildings. Another example of “follow the money”.

Read Heather Cox Richardson’s article published today for a more complete and meaningful explanation of what I am talking about.


We visited three different islands in French Polynesia. Even though they are much the same, starting with all being gorgeous, they are also different. To both Barbara and me, Bora Bora is by far the nicest and the people are, by far, the nicest. As Barbara said yesterday, “ a smile does not work as well here as it did yesterday”.

One thing that just does not make sense to me. We wanted to travel about 45 minutes to see a UNESCO sight. We did not go because I just would not spend $200 which is what all the taxis wanted. They charged per person rather than for the taxi and driver Why when the cost is the same? We offered $150 and was turned down so the driver made nothing.

We walked around town, bought some vanilla and came back to the ship.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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