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Saturday, December 3, 2022

I know many who read my daily postings are not interested in sports, but things are starting to get very interesting. In the next several weeks, lots of outstanding baseball players who are free agents will make a financial killing and it looks as if most of them will be changing teams.

Yesterday the Mets lost their number one pitcher, DeGrom, to the Texas Rangers.

If I were the Yankees, since Judge is going to get hundreds of millions anywhere he goes, I would, and this is only a little exaggerated, draft a contract with all the language needed and leave two blanks. First , the overall number he is paid, and second, the number of years.. Judge wants something like $40 million a year for nine years.

The Yankees should sign the contract, with the blanks, hand it to Judge, and say “Here, fill in the blanks, initial them, sign the contract and then we will decide if we have a deal, but unless you want to own the team, we have a deal." Does and extra year matter? Or a few million more? The whole thing is absurd anyway.


Before you say “Whoever have bet Brazil loses to Cameron in World Cup not even scoring one goal in a 1 to 0 loss, understand how the World Cup works. Brazil was in, no matter what. They did not have to win. Starting today, winning is essential. From now on the loser goes home.


Both college football and pro football are coming down to crunch time. Hopefully Michigan beats Purdue today even without its star running back who is lost to knee surgery for the rest of the season. Of course Georgia, already a huge favorite to win everything again, now has even an easier road ahead of it.


We all had a great day in Scarperia yesterday. The weather was perfect. The lunch was phenomenal and everyone was happy. I am not skilled enough to post something with multiple pictures. I did post what Barbara and I thought was a nice picture of us.

My day was dampened because one of my regular readers whom I thought had become a friend through our respective groups postings wrote me out of the blue saying the picture demonstrated how egomaniacal I was by posting the picture. I called him from Italy asking why he insulted me and he hung up on me after screaming things that just made no sense. It took me a while to figure out how to do it, but I finally block this man who seems to have gone off the deep end.

I hope I come across in these daily postings as a decent person whose ego is not out of control. I do not think of myself in that way nor do I think my friends and family do. I started writing these posts when the pandemic hit. I had to stay home during quarantine and I saw what was happening in the world, particularly destruction of the rule of law which was so important to me. I wanted to warn others.

I continued writing because many expressed that they liked my musings. My main intent was to get people thinking. I have few if any answers, but I do think I know a lot of the right questions to ask. Anyway, this man’s reaction really disturbed me because a few days earlier he sent me a message about how much he loved my blog.


We have a guest today for lunch before the concert, then the concert, then the Michigan game. I have to go to the Central Market to get food to serve for lunch. We are not eating a lot. I have lost close to 30 pounds and almost 10 of them since we arrived in Italy.

Barbara went with me to the market On the way home, I stopped for cappuccino with Marco at Sabani Leather. The Sabani bistro makes the best cappuccino. Marco explained to me that there are about 250 different coffees in Italy and how the coffee is ground. The machine and the water all contribute to the quality of the drink. Marco thinks the coffee in Naples is superior because the water there is better.

Met a nice young couple living outside of Tel Aviv. He is from Capetown, South Africa, and she from Sydney, Australia. I have shoes older than both their ages combined.


We have averted a catastrophic railroad strike. The Administration handled the situation the best it could. Once again, the majority of Republicans proved that they are more interested in their own self-aggrandizement than they are in the best welfare of the citizenry.


The 11th Circuit, justifiably, really leveled Judge Cannon. Not only were two of the three judges who did so appointed by Trump, the third judge was also appointed by a Republican.

I still see some judicial decisions on the horizon with which I will vehemently disagree. However, it has not been as total a disaster as it could have been. Once again, having life tenure once appointed to the federal bench has resulted in many judges, not all, making good decisions.

I still do not understand the problem with forgiveness of student loans. Also, I understand immigration is a major issue. I do not understand why it is not a major issue for the entire country and why both parties cannot stop making it a political football and work in a bi-partisan way to try to fix it.


No report on son Steven or Bobby yet. Have heard from Trump several times


Go Ukraine.

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Wendy Kranz
Wendy Kranz
Dec 04, 2022

Keep up the good work! I look forward to your blog every day.

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