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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Well, our country is not going to shutdown, much to the chagrin of every House Republican except five (and none of those five are returning to the new Congress). Unless some of the new Republican House members are sane, and I would not count on it, we are in for some crazy times. Fortunately, the Democrats are still in control of the Senate and we have a sane President.

You may not agree with Biden on everything. I do not and know no one who does. However, can you imagine Trump dealing with the Ukraine war or dealing with our NATO allies? The thought gives me the shudders. What comes to mind is “Dr Strangelove”.


I do not want Kevin McCarthy to become the Speaker. HE is Exhibit A of what a Speaker should not be. He is vindictive, not that smart, incapable of embracing any nuances, unforgiving, intellectually dishonest for sure, and maybe totally dishonest. He is not interested in governing or in doing what is best for this country, and he has worse people skills and diplomatic skills than Attila the Hun.

Based upon how he is acting, my guess is McCarthy still does not have the votes. On the other hand, I see no alternative name emerging that would replace him. This means, to me at least, that eventually he becomes Speaker. He will see his soul. The only question is whether he will deliver.


I do not like Ocasio-Cortez. She was the lone House Democrat who voted against the funding bill because she was opposed to increased spending on defense and immigration. What about all the other good things in the legislation. “Perfection” is an aspirational goal. It is never reached. No agreement is perfect, no statute is perfect.

My clients, when presented a marital settlement agreement to sign, often say, ”I do not like A B & C”. I reply, "Correct. The other side likes them. You like D E & F”. That is how deals are made.


The Marlins have sure been a disappointment. If they have done anything in the off season to improve the team, I missed it. I do not blame the General Manager. I blame the ownership. Without money, nothing can be done.


Yesterday, I made some progress. Got my six months of pills. Had to wait over an hour because they were not ready despite our calling it advance, but at least I now have them.

Making progress on my our cars. Finally, found someone with the right attitude trying to help me. Estimate my chances of success now about 80%.

Still not closed the loop on trying to help a friend resolve a small legal problem. He is more right than wrong, but practically it makes no sense to litigate over a couple of thousand dollars. There is a difference between a settlement and a surrender, however, and the other side has not yet grasped that concept.

About 35 people at our house tonight for Christmas Eve. Superwoman has been working around the clock for several days. My advice: unless life or death, do not call her today. You can call me. I do have a five minute appointment with Barbara for her divided attention at 2:00 today, so if there are any messages, pass them on to me.


Have errands to run, exercise to do, so see you tomorrow.


Go Ukraine

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