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Saturday, December 10, 2022

A lot of disappointing things happened on Friday but they were, pardon the expression, “trumped” by the fact that our Granddaughter Alanna, son Charles’ youngest, was admitted into the University of Miami nursing program. It is one of the very top programs in the country and Alanna’s first choice by far. Congratulations and cheers for this young lady,. I predict she will be an extraordinary student and an even better nurse.


Lunch in Corazzano, my single favorite place to eat in Italy, was outstanding in every way. It spanned three hours and Filipino, who is Mario and Isabella’s two-year-old, sat the entire time. Mario is the restaurant manager at the Four Seasons and Isabella works there as well.

After being served about a dozen small antipasti dishes, four different pastas, one better than the next, we’re served., Then some ordered a meat dish. We were in truffle country and truffles were on several dishes. One of their specialties is a great hamburger with a fried egg on top smothered in truffles. I did not overeat, for me, although did have a little of each pasta and some great fried mushrooms. By having nothing more to eat the rest of the day, I managed to weigh the same this morning as I did yesterday.


Last night we attended a terrific one man show by Hershey Felder in a new theatre in Fiesole. Hershey is a multi-talented brilliant artist, and a friend. He sits on the Board of my Foundation, American Friends of Florence Music. This show was about Beethoven. Hershey generally performs it in Italian but last night it was in English.

The night was not without incident. We were supposed to go to the theatre with our friend Francesca using her driver. At the last minute, Francesca had to cancel but said her driver would still take us and bring us back. Then, the driver got stuck somewhere, we called a taxi and toured a good part of Italy because the taxi driver got hopelessly lost. A 30 minute ride tops, took well over an hour. A proper adjustment was made to the fare on the meter but now we were stuck with how to get back. We could not order a taxi in advance, for a reason I do not understand and when we called after the show, both taxi companies refused to come. We got lucky and hitched a ride in another taxi that two others somehow managed to arrange. I never asked how they could get a taxi and we could not.


Huge upset in World Cup when Croatia beat favored Brazil on penalty kicks 4 to 2 after playing to a 1 to 1 tie. Argentina beat Netherland in almost same way

I will not even hazard a guess on Morocco v Portugal or England v France. These games are today. Whether we actually go to a sport’s bar after the concert at 4, which will be over by 6, to watch England v France, remains to be seen given we have to leave for airport no later than 8 a.m. Sunday morning. —————————-

Now in the world that counts:

Sinema leaves the Democratic Party to become an Independent. She says it will make no difference. She is full of shit.

A federal judge refused to hold Trump in contempt. I am disappointed but not surprised. My experience has been that many more times than not, the first time, even the second time, the judge does not find contempt.

Kari Lake filed a lawsuit in an effort to overturn the election for Governor of Arizona. I wish this election denier only bad things.

Here a great Hobson’s choice and is all in Arizona. Who would you prefer to disappear? Lake or Sinema?

Griner is home. As predicted, Trump and the MAGA Republicans are criticizing the deal.


Have to pack up for Paris where it is freezing cold, but at least no rain. Have to remember the eating etiquette. Not supposed to ask for more. Do not put bread on plate. If do not know how to cut the cheese, ask that it be cut. Water or wine but not a soft drink unless a child.

After returning from Paris, we only have two days before we leave to come back to Florida. We are no spring chickens, but I think, overall, we are doing very well.


Go Ukraine

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