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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Republicans are screaming that the indictments of Trump are nothing more than retaliation by the Biden Administration of Biden’s number 1 political opponent. They conveniently give no consideration to the fact that these indictments allege serious criminal acts by Trump.

Translated, this means that anyone running for public office can commit any crime and cannot be prosecuted. Trump has every constitutional protection of any other criminal defendant. He is presumed to be innocent. He can invoke his fifth amendment rights. He cannot say, I am busy running for office so delay my trial. No other criminal defendant could take that position and prevail and Trump cannot do it either.

Judge has already denied Trump’s motion for an extension of time to respond to the DOJ’s motion for protective order. I think both sides can assume to extensions of time will be hard to come by.


Last week I went to Memorial Hospital to have a more sophisticated echo cardiogram than was available to me at my personal doctor’s office. I was checked in by an attractive, well groomed, obviously efficient woman whose age I would estimate to be 35. She wore nice jewelry and, it turned out, drove a Tesla. I cannot remember the context of how I learned that, but I did, along with the fact that she does not vote.

That got my attention and when I asked why, she told me her vote did not matter, and that the fix was in so people like her could not make a difference. This little encounter has really been bothering me, and as I continue to reflect on her views, I have concluded that her thinking is really the nub of the problem and also absolutely wrong.

Here is the thing. Who the richest person in town votes and the poorest person in town votes, why the smartest person votes and the dumbest person votes, each vote counts exactly the same. There is no place with more perfect equality than the voting booth. Black, brown yellow white, heterosexual, homosexual it does not matter one whit. The responsibility of those of us who care is to convince those who do not care that caring is the only way to save our democracy.

Last night I attended a political event with my Wife. The attendees were all the heavily involved in democratic politics and working hard to turn Florida blue. I asked three people, randomly, if they were aware of what Tuberville and Paul were doing to stop military promotions and State Department nominations. They were not.

Last night made me realize that any thought I had of not writing this post daily, had to be discarded because I need to try to get just one reader to become aware of some important things happening that do not effect the price of gas or of bananas.

How do we get Floridians with no children or grandchildren in school that it is wrong to tell our students what books they can read? This is really important stuff and very few give a damn.

—————————— One more rant and I am done——-for today. We must do better pinning down the candidates running for office. Each one should repeatedly be asked, in substance or in form, if you are elected, are you going to vote as the majority of your constituents want or are you going to join some club whose main purpose is more power for themselves and forget all about us?


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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