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Saturday, August 26, 2023

A lawyer in Palm Beach has filed, in federal court in Palm Beach. I have no idea which Jusge gets the case. If it is that dingbat Cannon, forget it, but if a seasoned jurist not in Trump’s pocket gets the case, this could be significant.


Monday a federal judge in Georgia will hear Meadows’ motion to remove. He should lose but there are no guarantees. Do not rely on my legal expertise in this area because it is limited. However, I believe that Meadows has no right to appeal an adverse ruling until after the trial. However, the State can appeal.


I do not understand much more than I do understand, but the Judge had no choice but to grant the option for a speedy trial filed by one defendant. The trial is set to begin October 23. The motion can be withdrawn, but if it is not what happens?

Trump and no doubt others are likely to file motions to sever their cases. What does that mean? If granted, they do not go to trial on October 23. If denied, they go to trial.

What happens if the motions to sever are granted and only one defendant’s trial begins. Don’t Trump’s lawyers and probably most ofthe lawyers of the other defendants still be at this trial? How can they leave the cross examination of all the witnesses to just the lawyers representing the one defendant on trial? Seems to me that this would be malpractice because without anyone else in the courtroom, many other defendants could be thrown under the bus.

Just as I was writing this, I heard Defendant Powell requested a speedy trial. The plot thickens.

Query: if this scenario is plausible some of the other defendants could conclude “hell we have to be there anyway ready to defend our client, why do it twice?” This is what is meant as “being between a rock and a hard place”

The television pundits are talking about a slew of lawyers being in the courtroom frantically taking notes. I suggest they do more than that or the client’s case could be lost before it begins.


Marlins were lousy again. We left behind 6 to O. They look like a minor league team. Our pitchers, despite picking off one runner, are not keeping their eye on the base runners. Impossible to see on television, but many time a base would have been stolen but for the batter fouling off a pitch.

Going again this afternoon


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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