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Saturday, August 20, 2022

I never mentioned that Trump buried his first wife, mother of three of his children, on a golf course he owns in order to save taxes. Ivana’s grave is the only grave on the course. It is amazing to me that the taxing authorities are letting him get away with this crap.

What will follow is a husband will kill his wife or a wife will kill her husband, bury the body in the back yard and then petition to have his real estate tax bill eliminated.

Seriously, what is to stop individuals from moving the graves of loved ones from a legitimate cemetery to their backyard? The permutations are endless. May need a rezoning lawyer.

How about a pet cemetery? Would burying the family dog or cat do it? How about a hamster? The permutations are endless and would also make a good SNL sketch


Living in the Trump era is like living with the emperor with no clothes.


I had a wonderful time at lunch with Grandson Jaden and Granddaughter Alanna. We will try to do it again before Jaden goes back to college. They are both really nice kids and very nice to each other. Neither of them could have treated me better.

By the way, Jaden is an extraordinarily good driver. There was a time in his life when I would have bet he would never drive. I could not have been more wring


Yesterday, they finally laid the concrete slab on the side of our house so that the generator we ordered about a year ago can be installed next week.


Barbara is working, working, working. She requested a concert, so before I went upstairs I played some of my favorite recordings, which are, for the most part, her favorites as well. She has heard me listen to these records literally countless times, and listened to me explain why I thought they were so exceptional, at least in my view. Included were the following, all of which can be found on YouTube, and all of which I think are extraordinary for one or more reasons.

Two separate versions of “Seems Like Old Times." The first from the movie “ Annie Hall” sung by Diane Keaton and the second by Hilary Gardner accompanied by Ehud Asherie. Loved this song ever since I heard Guy Lombardo play it at the Roosevelt Grill when I was a kid.

“You’ve Come a Long Way From St. Louis" by Gardner and Asherie. Della Reese knocked the hell out of this song, but when I discovered Hilary Gardner and her terrific piano player do a great “Seems Like Old Times," I wanted to hear them do another number.

“How Do You Mend a Broken Heart” by The Bee Gees. Always loved this song.

“Scotch and Soda” by The Kingston Trio. Never understood why this song did not become a standard.

“Shine on Harvest Moon” by Liza Minnelli. Liza did many versions. If you can find her Tokyo concert, that may be the best one.

“I Won’t Bring You Roses” by Michael Feinstein. Maybe my favorite of every song Jerry Herman wrote and Feinstein nails every nuance.

“Goin’ Away Party” by Merle Haggard. Truly a great song with lyrics like “dreams don’t make noise when they die” and “I feel too low to get too high”.

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Asleep at the Wheel. Love Texas Swing and love this song.

“Hallelujah” by KD Lang. Our particular favorite version other than, perhaps, Leonard Cohen in London.

“Old Bones” by George Burns ( Nashville Version). If any song lyric states how Barbara and I look at the lifetime we have spent together, this is it.


Tonight going to Dolphin game with Beth and Walter and Walter’s sister Linda, along with David 4 and Sam. May sit in Club 72 if it's as hot tonight as it was yesterday.


Marlins lost another one-run game to the Dodgers


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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