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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Friday had very pleasant breakfast with Kim at Four Seasons before leaving for airport to fly from Austin to Houston. Probably consumed few calories yesterday than in any day I recall. Yogurt and a few raspberries for breakfast, no lunch and one chicken breast sandwich at game.

I actually bought two but one was knocked out of my hand walking to the very good seats we had directly behind home plate. Of interest to me is that it is a cashless ballpark as are, as I understand it, many others.

Minute Maid is a fun ballpark to visit 38,000 people, almost all of whom stayed all 9 innings. Raffle was over $40,000. I never recall raffle at Marlins’s Stadium to be larger than the crowd Our hotel, a Marriott, very close to ballpark, was mediocre at best. The two women at the check-in desk had a combined IQ of about 150.

Our flight left from the last gate. I am beginning to think the airlines look to see what flight I am on, and make it as difficult as possible to get there.

When we landed we could not get an Uber and it took almost an hour to find transportation into Houston. —————————— Marlins creamed the Dodgers. They may lose two today but winning the opener was great. Five home runs. ———————- I told you they were morons at the front desk. I left a wake-up for 6 a.m. it never came. That is the main reason I have little to say to. Off to the airport in 15 minutes to fly to Dallas where we are at a much better hotel—-the Fairmont . ——————————- See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan ————————— Go Ukraine.

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