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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Sitting around the family dinner table, the eldest son says “Dad, I got a girl in trouble and need $5000”. A couple of years later, the younger son, at the dinner table says “Dad, I got a girl in trouble and need $10,000”: a year later the younger child, a girl, announces “Dad, I am in trouble” to which the Father replies “business is picking up”.

Well, yesterday, business finally picked up. We came in second in trivial pursuit. The winning team got every single question. Never recall that happening before. —————————— One reader has asked me why I have not commented on Justice Thomas’ latest misstep. I did not comment because this man has done so many bad things that failing to report gifts etc... is so far down the list of his transgressions so as to be hardly worthy of mention. In fact, Thomas should never have been on the Court in the first place. I am totally in favor of diversify on the Court, and totally embraced the concept that when Thomas was appointed, a Black was needed. Still, that person should be highly competent. I do not think Thomas was among the best 100 Black candidates in his zip code, let alone the Country.

Remember Anita Hill? I remember this quip after Thomas, who was accused of sexual harassment, was finally appointed. He was stopped and asked if he really knew the meaning of the word “harassment”, and when he responded “of course," he was asked to use the word in a sentence. He said, “her ass meant nothing to me, but I just loved her tits”. Seriously, we have a major problem because there is no one to police the police. The Chief Justice has no power when it comes to keeping his own house in order, and there is no practical way to make Supreme Court Justices behave.

P.S. Not sure Thomas is a member of any State Bar. Maybe Missouri. Anyway, if he is, grievances proceedings should be brought and he should be disbarred. —————————- Have no idea what is going on in Memphis, but all indications are that expelled Legislator from Nashville will be reseated. —————————- DeSantis has spent a fortune of taxpayer’s money fighting legal issues a huge number of his constituent disagree with. Problem is he and his supporters translate his landslide win by about 20 points as an endorsement or approval on issues they do not approve. There are many reasons. Many of his supporters are one issue voters. Other just do not make the computation that a vote for DeSantis means——. Next, the Democrats ran a horrible campaign against him. More particularly, the Black vote did not come out. The entire Republican legislative delegation totally abdicated their constitutional responsibilities. They are all gutless afraid to disagree with DeSantis who is one mean vindictive son of a fascist bitch.

Maybe, just maybe, DeSantis has met his match taking on Disney. Time will tell. Something, somewhere, the four leaf clover DeSantis is carrying around is going to wilt and die. No one can continue to have the run of luck DeSantis has recently encountered. —————————— What do the following countries, have in common? Answer that question and then tell me when you plan to be moving there and why. Andorra Aruba Malta Republic of the Congo Honduras Mauritania Dominican Republic Palestine Tonga Suriname Phillipines Madagascar San Marino Curacao Iraq Nicaragua Jamaica Senegal Palou Sierra Leone Laos El Salvador

And the answer is? These are the only countries in the entire world which totally ban abortion. Way too many of the Republicans in the United States want our country to be added to this list. As Socrates or Aristotle said “are you f——g kidding me?”

By the way, you can count on less than both hands which of these countries have a population of more than 800,000 people. I confess to not having done the arithmetic, but a quick glance at the numbers leads me to conclude that, if the United States bans all abortions, given our population, the number of people living in countries where all abortions are banned, will more than double.


Happy Easter to all who celebrate. ————————- Lost another hour last night. —————————- Busy day today. Galley lunch, party in friend’s cabin celebrating her 6th year with a new liver (have no idea of a suitable gift) and then dinner with other friends at Keller’s. Sure then no eating in our cabin for a month or so. —————————— See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————— Go Ukraine

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