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Saturday, April 29, 2023

In the Lord Taketh and the Lord Giveth department, our one day in the major port in the Seychelles turn out to be a bank holiday and everything was closed including all public restrooms. The port was a total waste.

Yesterday, we docked in

I had no intention of even getting off the ship. However, this time we were on the receiving end. By pure luck, yesterday was the annual crayfish festival, only about a ten minute walk from the dock.

The Festival attracts thousands of visitors and is one huge delicious party of home cooked foods but particularly the local lobster which is inexpensive. Lots of local wares are also sold. We thought we would stay off the ship less than hour but spent three hours. A very pleasant surprise and we were just plain lucky to be able to attend.


Hard to believe the man is even allowed to walk the streets let alone by a candidate for President, but, apparently, Trump has embraced the man who wanted to assassinate Mike Pence. Think about that people and then tell me why your support this crazy man to lead our Country. We are living way beyond the Twilght Zone. This is worse than bad science fiction.


I really like Velshi on CNBC, but I am taking up a collection to pay the station to put on some different ads. I am so tired of seeing the same ads literally dozens of times a day to the point that, if the television clicker is nearby, I turn down the sound. Enough already.


It was actually cold yesterday. One of the nicest things on our cruise is the sail always with live music, quite good music, on the pool deck. Last night Barbara and I were two of less than 20 passengers who attended. Hard to imagine the vast majority of passengers had something better to do. Dinner in cabin again.

Dock today at Walvis Bay where we spend overnight.


I want Trump to get the nomination over DeSantis. The main reason is that I do not think Trump has a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Biden. Query: is everyone discounting the chance of a Trump/DeSantis ticket?


Does not look like Trump testifies at his civil rape trial. Putting him on the stand under oath is really risky, but not putting him on the stand to deny he raped the woman is a real risk as well. Maybe Trump just does not care about the money.


217 House Republicans voted to cut Meals on Wheels. McCarthy should be removed. The terms set forth by the Republicans to lift the debt ceiling are worse than Draconian.

The Republicans really do not care about the rank and file American. Nothing too bad can happen to these assholes. —————————-

See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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