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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Here we are at Trattoria Naomi, acknowledged by most to be the best restaurant in Ferrara. When we were in Ferrara with Stefano and Luca last December, we could not get in, so this time I reserved a month in advance.

The restaurant in located in a 800-year-old building. Next to Barbara, in red, is the owner chef. Herc Moth founded the restaurant in 1953. Next to Jalayne is Luca, one of the sons of the chef. He works in the front. Her other son Giovanni is in the kitchen with her.

Lunch was one great dish after another. I had great tagliata (sliced beef), Barbara had eggs with truffles, and Jalayne had lamb. There were many great pastas which we just tasted. Two local wines, red and white, and Procecco.

It was cold and rainy. After lunch Luca arranged for a taxi to drive us around Ferrara, take us back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, and take us to the railroad station. Total cost was euros 80 so with a 20 euros tip, the cost was euros 50 per couple. In the States, it would cost hundreds of dollars.

We had a great trip. Even though we ate at two big lunches, I ate nothing at all after lunch and lost .9 of a pound on the trip. More importantly, I made a quantum leap in my walking. I even traversed steps without a problem. This is the first time in a long time that I could walk fast and not have any problem at all.

Google Translate helped me a lot because our driver spoke very little English. We got to see multiple sites plus go into some very good shops spread throughout the city. Ferrara is a terrific place. It is a third as expensive as Florence. We stayed at the best hotel, which gets 5 stars, in their best room, for euros 250 including a very good breakfast.


Marlins were shutout again and stock markets collapsed. Heat lost but it was a great day for me.


MTG testified under oath and could remember nothing. Bullshit.


Governor DeSantis’ fight with Disney fascinated me. I think every Republican Legislator has totally abdicated their duties The only explanation is that DeSantis has pictures of each one screwing an underage goat.


Right after I wrote that I never have agreed with Justice Thomas or Alito, David won his Nazi art case 9 to 0. Wow and congratulations!

——- ————

We eat home today. Probably lose Barbara for brunch tomorrow. Today we go to Central Market, back to leather store, and for more fresh squeezed orange juice.


Go Ukraine

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