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November 1, 2022

We should be scared shitless of stupid.


I just started writing Tuesday’s post midmorning on Monday because I am reasonably sure that there will be nothing more important I will want to say than the following:

The fact that Donald J. Trump has uttered not a single word about the attempted murder of Paul Pelosi speaks volumes about where this lunatic Trump stands. The man is devoid of any soul. He cannot lead this nation nor can his followers who do not have the balls to stand up to him. Shame on you. Who does not denounce those who call themselves Republicans? They are not Republicans, they are hoodlums.


The United States Supreme Court is becoming no more than a Small Claims Court. Trump now wants the Court to overrule all the lower courts that have ruled against him with respect to producing his tax returns. Most seem to have forgotten that he promised to produce them as soon as a pending audit was completed.


Where are the Republicans who are concerned about the growing anti-semitism in the United States? On the other hand, why is a single Republican getting a single Jewish vote?

I am now coming to the conclusion that millions of voters are simply tuned out. There is nothing that can happen no matter how heinous that will change the mind of the growing number of radicals.


Amazing, but Donald Trump Jr. could be worse than his Father. Already referred to as “the king of deplorable”, he is making his Father a block off the old chip.

Nobody’s perfect, but Donald Jr is a perfect schmuck for making fun of what happened to Paul Pelosi. Exactly what part of the lunatic fringe does this play to?

Understand this lunatic from Arizona Lake is also mocking Paul Pelosi. These people need to crawl back under the rock from which they emerged.


We have lived in our present home for about 30 years. Last night we had our first trick or treaters in history. Barbara, of course, was ready.


Disappointed World Series rained out, but in the land of disappointments it was easier to handle than what is going on in our Country.

Barbara heard me yell “Hit that son of a bitch!" and thought I was watching Monday Night Football. I was watching the news.


I did watch almost the entire MNF games between Browns and Bengals. Cleveland played really well and upset Cincinnati in quite an entertaining game.


Hilary Clinton is seeking legal fees from Donald Trump for defending a lawsuit that most lawyers would agree was totally specious. I think she has a better chance than not of prevailing and I will celebrate if she does.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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