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Mother's Day 2022

Our daughter’s Mother’s Day note to Barbara. Thrilling to me!

"Dear Mom,

"I wish you were here today (and every day). I promise I would let you work and exercise and would even let you skip the buffet!

"I remember when I was going through one of my many rebellious phases as a child, telling you that you didn’t “work” and all you did was stay home with us.

"All I can say now is 'oh my God I am so sorry!!!!!!'.

"Thank you for loving me then and now. Thank you for having the confidence in me when I was small, (I don’t think I was ever small actually) medium and big.

"Thank you for your strength, both inner and outer. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to work hard, be honest, forgiving, and loyal. Luckily I have another parent to teach me how to have fun and how being right is sometimes less important than being happy!

"Speaking of that other parent, thank you for your love and devotion to dad. You showed me by example when I didn’t listen, and you continue to show me everyday how lucky you feel to spend each and everyday with the love of your life.

"Thank you for loving my husband and our kids. You touch us all in so many different ways, and I am going to do my best to continue to make you proud of me as a mom, daughter, wife, and friend.

"Happy Mother’s Day. I love you."

There's only one #political #campaign consultant in #SouthFlorida known as "The Kingmaker" and that's the incomparable Barbara Miller. You're either with her . . . or you're nowhere. Add to that her vast community network and her seemingly transcendental strategy skills, coupled with her laser-focused #communications ability and you're talking one grade-A DEFCON lethal weapon. Forget the five-star generals. Barbara is the one they REALLY need to clean up both #Democrats and #Republicans in #WashingtonDC!!"

(Jennifer J.H. Pierce, August 3, 2017)

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