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Monday, September 4, 2023

Highlight of yesterday was that the Marlins won sweeping a four game series on the road, and we had a very nice dinner and good company with friends who live in Cooper City.


Watched “Face The Nation". Hated Haley and liked about everything Bernie Sanders had to say which is unusual.


If truth be known, the three day holiday is frustrating. I have a number of major projects I am trying to complete but everything stops. If I had by druthers, I would rather everyone work. I did when I was young, but now, for most, the work ethic is totally different.


Other than as a place to change planes, we have never been to Frankfurt before. In November, but before the famous Christmas markets, we are spending the weekend there. Our only plans are the Dolphin game Sunday afternoon. The Symphony is traveling. Looking for recommendations of things to do, place to eat, museums or other places where I do not have to walk uphill in the snow both ways. Hoping the Dolphins plan something, but so far they have not


I cannot think of a dozen House Republicans who deserve to be re-elected. Since McCarthy became Speaker, virtually nothing constructive has been done in Washington—-not even the things the Republicans support.


I have always maintained that we are better off if Trump wins the nomination because it should be almost impossible for him to beat Biden. However, an argument can be made that, without Trump on the ticket, the MAGA Republicans will have no reason to go to the polls. DeSantis is a disaster, and there is no one else presently in the race who can create enough enthusiasm to make a serious run against Biden.


I have not had a single drop of alcohol for over two weeks. If I drink at lunch, I will sleep most of the afternoon. There was a time when I could drink more than one bottle of champagne all by myself and it would not effect me one iota.


I am surprised that it has taken the Judge so long to rule on Meadows’ motion to remove. The judge has said he would rule as soon as possible. That means nothing. It is like saying “tomorrow it is going to snow or it is not going to snow”. That is an example of tautology. “ How much money did you give your wife?” “I gave her what I thought she needed”.


Nothing on my agenda today. Strange that there is no game for the Marlins on Labor Day.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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